The TSMC Thread

AMD will surpass Apple as TSMC’s largest customer, because laptops.


1 share is now worth 524k TWD or 18,560 USD.:grin:

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Since packing more and more transistors on a chip is reaching its limits, TSMC and Google are concocting a new ay to make chips more powerful.
TSMC and Google push chipmaking boundaries with 3D ‘stacking’ - Nikkei Asia

Chaos at SMIC.

Liang Mong Song getting his karma.


SMIC is an unfortunate acronym. It means minimum wage in French.

Nvidia is locking up with Samsung. Watch out.

I wrote a thesis about how/why TSMC and Taiwan are so key for helping the world to innovate


Intel says they might outsource their chips into 2023. (Quote in English)

Great thesis, thank you for sharing. It really helped make the complicated process of semiconductor fabrication and why each component is important a lot easier to understand.


Intel’s orders for its CPU will go to (drumroll)…

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