The TSMC Thread

Geez, read some of my posts earlier in this thread. You’re confusing base salary with total compensation. Try multiplying that number by 3 to get total compensation.


That article is wrong. 48,130 is master’s and ~60k is PhD, and they all get ~30 months.

But of course no one here would believe it even if someone from TSMC posts an image of their bank account because Taiwanese ppl all make peanuts and stats are all fake.

Offensively low. No wonder Taiwanese go to the US to get their masters and PHD. One of the more successful immigrant groups in the US as you know.

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Yeah even at 30 months. TSMC make eye watering ROEs. Maybe there’s a good promotion path, I don’t know.


Even ITRI pays 45,000 entry for Master’s, I doubt TSMC would pay less than ITRI.

On second thought, I don’t want TSMC to have their hands tied with fixed income payments. They need the flexibility to expand and contract their capacity to stay competitive versus company who will not be mentioned.

Mediatek is hosed.


And arguably the most important company in the world.

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Lol… I can guarantee you they do not. I left TSMC because no matter how many 4+ and 5 reviews I got they will not promote you. Too many old people clinging on to their positions for dear life. The company is a shitshow.

I don’t understand why people confuse a large profitable company with one that treats its employees well. That’s western thinking. I think in Taiwan the larger and more profitable a company is, the more they think they can underpay you, treat you like crap, and get away with it. I don’t think TSMC is an exception to Taiwan culture here.

It’s a weird system for remuneration. I suppose they pay you these extra months over the regular 13-14 so they can hold it over your head if you stuff something up, or if not so sinister as this, they withhold the full 30 to apply pressure on you to hit certain allocated targets. I’d imagine the 30 is not locked in, am I right?

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Yeah. It’s a long complicated payout, I think the structure is written out somewhere on this thread. It’s not guaranteed and if you mess up they can change that amount. Case in point I once openly disagrees with someone who was a couple level higher than me. Next thing I know my quarterly profit sharing was cut in half.

Those situations set aside, The bonus amount is generally based on level and the profit sharing pool. So the net profit needs to increase faster than the employee headcount. So I’ve definitely been in situations where TSMC had a blockbuster quarter but paid less because they are hiring more more folks. In other words, the net profit per employee is the most relevant metric.

These bonus pools create the worst behaviour in organisations. Politicking, backstabbing you name it. Add to the mix the execs like to screw with the pool, allocating people in and out, restructuring areas, all the while trying to optimise their own take.

We had this one annual externally run survey that the board really cared about. The results or part of were made public at analysts briefings. There was one question on there that the CEO had gone public on improving. We were all told to answer it in a particular way or our pool participation would be cut, in short bonus might half or less.

Is that a new anchor? :face_with_monocle:

Mediatek has gained a license to supply Huawei.

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