The US is the easiest place for immigrants

US is the easiest place for new immigrants with nothing to be successful. It’s not even close.

That’s why the US attracts the best and the brightest with no effort.

Also, what’s the unemployment rate in Europe?


Not sure I agree here. It offers the most ceiling financially perhaps. But very high start up costs, licenses and red tape, rents crushing. You have to be rich going in. Immigration doesn’t even let people in to live without demonstrating rich sponsorship now.

This, sadly, should be in the past tense. We’ve made it clear we don’t want them unless they have rich parents.

Very high, but I don’t think that makes the US case any stronger. If I were starting a business anywhere now, it would be SE Asia.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Compared to the EU bureauracy?

Why are you bringing up US unemployment claims when the EU unemployment rate is consistently 2-3x higher?

Europe doesn’t absorb immigrants very well. That is why they get all this Islamic extremism and the US not so much.

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I wasn’t talking about the EU bureaucracy. I’m sure it’s worse than the US. I have never worked there or tried to start a business there but I believe you.

I said I’m not sure I agree that the US is the easiest place to move to and start a business, for the aforementioned reasons listed. It’s also ranked 27th on the social mobility index

Re extremism: The US has it’s own homegrown extremist movement to keep it company at the moment.

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The US is a GREAT place if you are rich. All the negatives would basically not affect you at all because you have money to make them not a problem, like medical care, public transportation, crushing rent, etc.

Also could I start a guitar business in the US just by renting a house and buying a bunch of machines? Possibly. But I’d have to figure out how taxes work, and that means I’d need an accountant. If I’m renting a house and the location isn’t zoned for business, then I can’t do it (unless I live in Houston). Instead I got to rent a space in an industrial area. Talk about crushing rent… how about over 5000 a month? Not to mention all the background checks, etc. which would practically mean those of lower class are hitting a wall as soon as they try to rise above a certain level (since lower class people tend to have less than clean backgrounds).

Not to mention US government is incompetent.

State by state, US govt still does a lot of necessary things at the federal level. We can’t get too cynical please.

Exactly. We were fortunate enough to leave, save up money in TW, then return. Starting from the Bottom it’s nearly impossible to drum up the cash to start a business. That’s why I am so nervous about the return to ‘normal’.

When you have an economy based on the exploitation of labor, when that labor pool is gone the economy crashes. Any rebuild will cost money the purse clutchers won’t be willing to part with. Who pays for any of this going forward?

Good luck to us

Perhaps it’s state by state… so since I haven’t been to all 50 states I can’t say. But I do notice that a lot of public project seem to take forever, like many years to complete. Like road constructions taking too long…

I’m not sure relying on the Federal government is a good thing… each state should be able to decide how best to do things because they are on the ground.

All that money went to paying for the trade war, ramped up military spending, tax cuts for the super rich. Cities in the US still have no drinking water. Children attend schools in third world conditions in major US cities. This was before CV19. The post-version is going to be worse, and prob entail disturbing amounts of being tethered to screens. I fear civil unrest is soon.

They’re the only world bodies that appear willing to contribute money to stopping environmental degredation so they are vital for that, things like FEMA and disaster relief. The economic purists learning the hard way you need a government after all.

That’s why I said the US government is incompetent. They prioritize on the wrong thing but I hear so many Americans say they do this so other countries could afford healthcare. Like they justify America basically meddling other country’s business because it’s for their good… I call BS on that.

America could cut their defense spending by quite a lot and still have a good defense force that can do what they need to do.

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Are you a first gen or second gen immigrant in the US?


Spend less on bombs and more on ventilators for people dying hospitals sounds like a very sane idea.


US is also one of the few countries that lets you stay and work as a foreign student after you’ve completed a degree. Lots of talent still comes in that way.

I’m ok with your idea, as long as you put it into the past tense. It’s not like that anymore. The immigration rules have changed.


Officially this is not even true.

Foreign students must prove they will return to their country after the conclusion of their study or else they will not get the visa. The only way they can possibly stay after studying is if they can get a H1B visa, and that has a quota. I’m not sure if they’re allowed time to look for a job though. I believe Germany does, after conclusion of their study they are allowed 1 year to find a job, and after which they get a work visa (not sure if quotas exist).

Taiwan is far easier IMO.

Taiwan gives a lot of freedom for people coming to do business. But US has the most opportunities.

How much can you make in Taiwan these days?

US wins half of all Nobel Prizes in science and economics. And half of American winners are foreign-born.


That’s correct. Have you looked at the current changes in US immigration law? Many of them would be excluded today.

I’m not sure what you are trying to argue here. I never said there weren’t successful immigrants in the US.

What does rent cost? What does it cost to feed a family per night? What does health care cost? What are the start up costs? Licenses and Fees? Gas and Electric?

Please look at form I-944. and I-864 on the immigration for the next time you have a chance. You literally CAN NOT move to the US if you cannot prove you are rich.

Trump built his wall. I agree with your ideas about immigration, but they should be phrased in the past tense.