The webmaster at ICRT won't allow me to post this:

I think that dj/senator Rick McCarthy does a dis-service to some/(a lot?) of foreingners here in Taiwan by blacklisting us.

It hasn’t been easy getting started here in comedy. By the time I won Bliss’ Talent Show in April of 2005 beating out 17 other contestants, Rick Monday had already rejected my comedy and refused to promote it.

Carmen Russell, who was one of the judges in that talent show, wrote about my success a few days later in The China Post. As I/we grew, and continued to improve, Carmen also continued to write about us from time to time. However, Rick Monday continued to only promote Hartley Pool & Chris Garvin, (i.e. as the only comedians).

I/We continued to practise our comedy at The Living Room where we got to meet other funny/talented people. Then we put together all the comedians on the island for a Saturday night show on April 1st, 2006 and called it CSI Taipei. Comedy Show In Taipei featured 6 comedians plus a surprize REAL (PRO!) Hollywood/NY Jewish comedian. Carmen Russell was so impressed, that he did a full page (for his “Pick-of-the-Week”) story including a huge picture of me, (THANK YOU CARMEN RUSSELL & THE CHINA POST!).

However, not only would Rick refuse to promote the show leading up to the event, he wouldn’t even discuss me/the story when he interviewed Nelson Wu (editor of the Primetime sec.) on the day Carmen’s story appeared in print. (Back then Rick interviewed them on a Friday and he actually went through the Primetime section.). “…Well, we got on page 2, lets see …lets see what else is on…”

Actually, Rick did approach me one time about comedy…it was a couple of months ago at the Mr. Body Contest. He came up to me and out of the blue said, “Bob needs more time”…(a reference to the manger of The Post Home)…After a little small-talk about that pub, I added, “Look Rick…I don’t exactly know the history of our problem is, but (it’s probably about a woman since you state “women” as your “weakness” on ICRT’s website.) I’m not going away and I’d like to work with ICRT. Do you want to work with me or what?”

He nodded his head, grinned/snickered, said nothing and walked away. An hour or so later, he comes up to me with a serious/anxious _expression on his face, “Hey! I just met this guy who’s also REALLY into comedy. Come on, I’ll introduce you.”. (Dummy me followed him.)

Rick lead me through the crowd to some man standing on the side-lines. The 3 of us stood together (less than 2 sec.) just long enough for Rick to say to me, “Yeah! He’s into comedy too. I think you two would do well together.” Then he grins at me as he quickly takes off.

No formal introductions were needed because, to me, this was just a typical example of Rick’s sick twisted humour! (The joke is: “HA! I’VE BEEN BLACK-LISTING YOU FOR OVER 2 YEARS NOW, NEVER MENTIONING YOUR NAMES OR YOUR SHOWS, AND TELLING OTHERS NOT TO MENTION THEM WHEN THEY ARE ON AIR…AND NOW I’M GONNA FURTHER LAUGH IN YOUR FACE!”)

For Rick had lead me to one of the most “broken” men (this guy barely/rarely raised his eyes to make eye contact) that I have ever met…When he finally spoke a few words it was quite clear that he also had a speech impediment. When I approached Rick later to call him on how mean that was, Rick said, “What’s the problem? I couldn’t tell (he had a problem), I thought he was a funny guy.”.

When Carmen Russell, was on ICRT about a month ago for his final Thursday, Rick once again only listed the comedians here in Taipei without calling our names on that curt list. The camel’s back was broken.



[color=black]…One day, three elderly Taiwanese sisters were out in the lane killing a chicken when the eldest one started to brag about her grandson’s English,

“Y’know, my little Fu’s English is so good that he just graduated from Taiwan’s top university with a TOEFL score of 2000!”

“天啊!”, belched the middle sister, but quickly added, “Well, that is truly great, but my big Fu not only dreams in English, but also works at an English speaking radio station whose primary mandate is to serve the expatriate community in Taiwan, while assuming the official duties of serving the foreign community here in Taiwan and forging a cultural link between the Chinese population of Taiwan and English-speaking residents of the island.”

The youngest sister simply smiled and said, “Wow. That is a mouthful. However, my little one’s English is so good, that he knows that radio station sucks!” [/color]

Does anyone remember how ICRT flat-out ignored Spring Scream for (IIRC) the first four years it was held? Yup, just about the biggest musical happening in the country and they simply pretended it wasn’t there. Say what you will about Spring Scream (I’m not a fan, but whatever), but for a radio station to claim to have it’s finger on the pulse of the music scene in this country and then pretend it isn’t there… :loco:

Here’s Tito Gray’s response:

Once again - you got me to go to Forumosa - only to find a bunch of self pitying bullshit.

Get a life.

Now, this is too cruel for me to touch…but I can enjoy vicariously can’t I…just a little?

Maybe you’re not funny? :idunno: I mean, it’s great that you beat out 17 people at Bliss’s Talent Show, but I’ve seen comedians on American TV networks with no talent at all, and I’m sure the screening process is even tougher. I’m not saying that you DO suck, just that it’s a possibility. And what if your brand of humour doesn’t have universal appeal? What if your brand of humour is funny only to a small group of people? What if your brand of humour is funny only to the people you hang out with? Surely it’s within Rick’s rights to promote comedians he finds funny, and ignore the rest. If it were my show, I wouldn’t waste two seconds of airtime on a comedian I didn’t think was funny. Why should Rick?

Maybe it’s you. :eh:

Why would you want to have IRCT’s help in the first place?

What do you expect espeically after this community does nothing but hate on IRCT?

Why not make your own website, create a podcast and promote yourself?

Why didn’t you punch him in the face when you had then chance? That would of been free publicity and would be pretty funny.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Maoman, you auditioning to play Mini Me?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Well, it is true that I have never done an open-mic created only for comedy (i.e. until 2 days ago…and of course, not counting the shows I’ve participated in), and yes, at times, I have taken my lumps at various other open-mics…(甚至試試看用中文的笑話在 The Riverside), but I have been up enough times on stage (40+ times now over 3 years in total), with heaps of successes/encouraging words that I know I am home…(especially now that a real pro like “Gonzo” has got us doing 4 laughs per minute.).

However, you do have a valid point about promoting comedians that are funny. Hartley Pool started his stand-up many years ago and has done stand-up extensively in his home country, so naturally he should be on, right? Well, if I’m not mistaken, lets take a look at what Bill T. (Rick’s buddy) had to say about Hartley Pool: “[color=red]I like Hartley because he’s always been friendly to me, and now when I tell my jokes,…I seem funnier.[/color]”.

We got no air time…unlike you Maoman.

Nevermind. I’m gonna be nice and shut my mouth.

Yes, that’s me!..LOL…YES! That joke bombed…on a Chinese crowd (白痴!)…Yes…LUMP!!..LOL…你以為我是"俗辣" but I’m not. I’m 三八弟.

Who are these people and why should anyone care?

You just don’t understand Taipei culture (which is good).

Who cares as long as it’s entertaining?

To the OP: You need your own radio station. It’s easy to arrange funding, just open a thread here. :smiling_imp:

OP does 俗辣 mean “nobody” or what? Fill us in please!

OP = Original Poster = Thread Starter

hehehe I think the one about Chinese eating the snake is very funny. In fact I think the Chinese would too. IF THEY KNEW THE STORY OF ADAM AND EVE! Go out and ask anyone about it 9/10 I bet ur avg Joe here has no clue. They probably know Adam and Eve, but not the whole snake and temptation part.

Also, from my experience Chinese aren’t very good at laughing at themselves. You’d be better off making fun of foreigners… and its not like you’d be short on material.

俗辣 sú là - vulgar and cruel.

Now that was funny.

Blax made one of the most insightful comments on this thread:

Metero, as you may or may not have figured out from the window that is Forumosa, the scale of foreign opinion regarding ICRT in Taiwan is pretty heavily weighted to one side - a few grains of sand versus a mountain. You’re not going to find any sympathy among Taiwan’s foreign community. It’s like complaining to a bunch of clean-freaks that shit-fanciers don’t want to associate with you. What do you expect us to say? Condolences? In fact, now that you’ve come clean, it’s obvious all this was a thinly veiled personal vendetta from the get go. Clearly you don’t really value our opinion much, or you wouldn’t still be trying so damn hard. Clearly if you ever had a hope in hell of working with ICRT, 40 or so posts ago, you kissed it good-bye.

If you really want to reach a foreign audience, a good number of us are here. We’re sure as shit not listening to FM100 or paying attention to its promotions (with the notable exception of “Rap about Taxes”). If you’re sincere about a local audience, don’t bother with ICRT either – have you seen their ratings? The simple truth: the station is a total joke to us, and is only partially understood by locals, many of whom use it in a vain attempt to study English. What do you think a mention on air will get you? Throngs of eager beavers? More likely some middle-aged office lady will have caught a pronoun and maybe a verb - she won’t be there Friday. And ranting about Rick Monday while stroking the egos of other DJs here on Forumosa? That’s not exactly going to pull us in by the wild chicken busloads. Instead, your name is raising red flags left and right. “Any exposure is good exposure” might work for locals, but it turns most of us right off. Case in point, after everything I’ve seen here on, at the moment, I haven’t the slightest interest in seeing your routine.

Whether you’re funny or not doesn’t really enter into the equation for me. Funny is subjective. Lenny Bruce wasn’t exactly funny, and neither is some of the best comedy out there. And talent is far more than source, transmitter, channel, receiver, and destination (to say nothing of the complexities of intercultural communication – and you are more or less trying to walk a razor’s edge between cultures that aren’t exactly well known for their high level of mutual understanding).

In the end, if you want to get anywhere, you’ve got to promote yourself. Completely forget about whatsitcalled and whatshisname, hit the clubs yourself and talk to managers, network on Forumosa and other sites instead of making everyone think you’re an ass, make a demo tape and shop it around, do as Blax suggested and get a website / blog / podcast going (and if it gets a ton of hits because you’re genuinely funny, find advertisers). Word of mouth will take it from there. Hell, iif my friends start raving about you, I might just go check you out.

Please don’t take all this the wrong way - in fact, I’m raising my glass and wishing you well. If things don’t end up working out, though, jeez, this is Taiwan. You can rebuild your life in a day. Or so. And you can look back someday and call all this one big online performance piece.

“Today’s comedian has a cross to bear that he built himself. A comedian of the older generation did an “act” and he told the audience, “This is my act.” Today’s comic is not doing an act. The audience assumes he’s telling the truth. What is truth today may be a damn lie next week.”

“The only honest art form is laughter, comedy. You can’t fake it… try to fake three laughs in an hour - ha ha ha ha ha - they’ll take you away, man. You can’t.”
–Lenny Bruce

…wrong…think 口語的…

btw…who said this: [quote=Nevermind. I’m gonna be nice and shut my mouth.[/quote]

p.s. Thank you Smell-the-Glove for your “constructive criticism”, but I’ve decided to walk my own path…but you are welcome to come and try the open mic we have available. Until then…

I know…