The "where can I find?" religion directory


From time to time people ask where they can find such-and-such a church or religion. We should put together a convenient list for this.

I’ll start us off, and add stuff from underneath to this post.

Taipei Jewish Center


Catholic: … ch101.html

Orthodox: … ex_en.html

Anglican/ Episcopalian: … =menu18858





Miscellaneous Evangelical: … 799&type=0

Assemblies of God:

Seventh-Day Adventists:

Mormon (LDS):

Unification Church (Moonies):

ISLAM … sques.html




HINDUISM (and related groups)


Hare Krishna:

Ananda Marga:

Sai Baba: … center.htm

Sant Mat:



Tibetan (all types):

RAELIANISM … resses.php


PS. If you’re wondering why “Christianity” is in lower-case, and all the others upper-case…I don’t know! It’s the auto-edit function.

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Very cool list. Especially useful for an upcoming media project I might be involved in.

For Buddhist stuff, has a whole list of resources as well.

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Thank you Jesus.

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You’re most welcome.

I’m not sure how to handle Chinese Buddhism, Taoism, etc. I mean, their temples can’t be terribly hard to find, but on the other hand, people may be looking for a particular organization or something. Does anybody jnow of good “one-stop shopping” websites for these?

Also, I didn’t bother putting up smaller Chinese religions like Tiandi jiao, Xuanyuan jiao, etc. Think I should, or would that be overkill?

And then there’s the language issue. Some people are probably looking for services in English, or perhaps some other language. I can’t decide whether that should be a different list, or indented here somehow.


I guess now we know the answer to WWJD?


Just wondering if anyone here attends any sort of bible study group here in Taipei?

I have been getting interested in the bible recently and I think I’d like to find some other people to discuss it with, instead of using it as a conversation killer with my friends.

I’m a Catholic myself, but would join any Christian group if they were having a discussion group or whatever. Oh, but I speak zero chinese.

Thanks for any help!

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Take of look at the list of churches in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=121&t=82784
You’ll find a lot of English language Bible study groups.

We were hoping the moderator would make the thread into a sticky but he never took the hint.


I don’t think i ever got the hint. Bit less subtle next time, Doc!


arigato goziamasu.


If anyone is interested in attending meditation classes, Chung Tai Chan (Zen) Monastery holds English classes weekly or bi-weekly at two of their meditation centers, one in Taipei and one in Taichung. I semi-regularly attend the classes in Taichung, and have learned quite a bit from the master there. Here’s a link: … nches2.htm

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Has anyone attended the classes in Taipei? I just called the Pu De center and they said they have no English classes…I am looking for a meditation class, seem to have struck out with that one! :confused:


Did you try this place:
There is discussion here: viewtopic.php?f=121&t=74726#p928553

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No, I didnt know about that place, didnt see it come up in the search, but I got on the website right away and am in the process of registering for a class this Saturday…thank you so much, I really appreciate your help! You are awesome!


Odd to hear that about PuDe meditation center, I know they’ve been holding English classes for the last two or three years, I never heard anything about them canceling. I’ll try to get some more information about that.


Thanks rob1504, you might want to check it out, it might have just been a weird/lost in translation kind of conversation, but from what the lady said, they didnt have any…although who knows, maybe it was “none going on right now” or “They’re full”…sometimes things get said weird, you know how it goes!


Well I just got the answer, and there was no translation problem. They discontinued the English class a few months ago, not exactly sure what the reason was…too bad to hear. If you are ever free on the weekend and plan to be in Taichung, hope you can come out the meditation class here, held usually every second Sunday evening.



Thanks for the offer! I’ll keep that in mind! :slight_smile:

And just for an update on Dharma Drum, their International Meditation Group in Taipei is very much alive and kicking, that website provided is great and they are all very nice, no pressure for donations, no pressure about anything really, they were very kind people and it was a really interesting experience! The place is nice and all the people there attending were nice as well!


Please add this link regarding Catholic churches (both in English and Spanish) as some people may only see the Chinese and go Ahhhhh:


Also the Jewish one should be updated to: … aiwan.html

(They’ve moved.)


What about Zen Buddhism? Are there any Western style Zen centers in Taiwan? I like Zen meditation. It is simple and beginner friendly, bu the Roshi hit you with a stick if you lose concerntration though.