The Wordle Thread (No Spoilers!)

Anybody playing? Managed to guess correctly on my first attempt, but I may have just got lucky. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow…you can only play once a day.

Everybody feel free to share your color chart, but NO WORD REVEALS PLEASE!

Wordle 220 5/6



Nah, 5 is pretty easy.

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I played for the first and only time the other day, got the word in I guess 5 tries…

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I’ll have to give it another go.

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I was expecting to crash and burn my first time… :sweat_smile:

Ha, me too. So, is the daily word the same for everyone playing?

I think that’s the case.

Yep. Hence the results posted with hidden solutions

It must be really popular. When I looked it up, Google displayed a Wordle doodle.

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Been playing this for almost a week. It helps to start my day, sort of a mental coffee.

Yesterday’s word was my first fail.

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First rule of Wordle: don’t ever post reveals


When you reset it. It will give same word?


Wordle 220 1/6


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How did you get this image? I want to share today’s result without spoilers but I only get this…

Stop posting reveals for fucks sake.

Pure bush league.

You should blur the spoiler

Sorry did not know it gives everyone same word.
It doesn’t say it anywhere.

Maybe put it in the first post @Dr_Milker, not to spoil.

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I will flag every reveal and any hints too.


That’s the cool thing about it. Every day everyone solves the same puzzle. But you can’t tell anyone what the word is.


Hit “share” and it copies that diagram to your clipboard.


Well, you shouldn’t

It’s not tennis.