The World Cup in Taiwan

Anyone know if the World Cup games will be on cable in Taiwan? If so, what stations? If not, where could I go to see them (other than Germany?)

You can’t watch it on regular cable TV. Many bars in Taipei will be showing it via Satellite. I would recommend Spaceman on the SE corner of Renai and Guangfu in Taipei as a more convivially eclectic place to watch than some of the more well known establishments in town. I’m sure there are many other places ex-Taipei.

there are about 3 threads on this in sports and games. take a look at any of them.

btw - the games will all be on regular cable, but with mandarin commentary.

The Tavern and the Brass Monkey. Check their websites for schedules.

Perhaps we could start a thread on essential Chinese phrases for understanding the football commentary.

Why not? You could in 2002. Just about every place you went into had the games on.

Go on then!

Go on then![/quote]

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Carnegies, An He Road,
Green Bar: Tien Mu

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