The World Will End Because of the Color Orange


Studies have shown that the newfound popularity of the color orange due in large part to the success of the American television show “Orange Is the New Black,” have dangerously raised orangitude levels in the terrestrial and atmospheric combinospheres. Experts fear that if these levels rise more than 2 gammas per alphic cleonometric units that negative beta factor concentrations will rise to unsustainable levels causing a metashift in color prism viewatrons thus obliterating shades of red from scarlet to tropical thunder. Please everyone. Let’s help raise awareness about this important cause before punchbowl pixie is no longer a viable shade of lipstick!


does this really belong in international politics forum? I look to the moderators.


Wow! The ultimate resurgence of Holland!


You just don’t understand the science!


I look to fred’s psychiatrists.


I didn’t know there is a shade of red called ‘tropical thunder’. I googled just to make sure.

Now I’m going to buy these shorts

and wear them, ready for the end times.


an apocalypse in your own underpants?


Would I lie to you? Would I?

But what about these! Don’t you care?

Cherry Lush
Crimson Noir
Impulsive Fuschia
Bruised Plum
Cheeky Magenta
Aphrodite Scarlet
Rose Mademoiselle

Think of what the color orange will do to all of these “Seven Shades to Sizzle the Summer?” And what will THAT do for global warming (SORRY!!! CLIMATE CHANGE!!!)


People!!! We have only 12 years to ACT URGENTLY!!!


You mean like…community theater or something?


No. I think that is more about acting determinedly.


So like…method acting then?


I think one is about needing to overact while the other requires that one over react… try to pay attention



Is there anything we can do? Pay more taxes? Introduce more regulations?? Buy new specific things developed specifically to prevent the end of the world???

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Of COURSE there is something “we” can do about it, and the Democratic Socialists of America have just the ticket. You take over the means of production, convince everybody that being poor isn’t so bad not when them greens blotted out the orangeman scourge after all, torchlight only means you can’t study all night for your free university, and if you can’t see a doctor for six months who cares since it’ll take six months to get there by horseback anyway?

What, you thought the Green New Deal was about climate?! You silly beautiful fool you!

We only got 12 years, vote socialist green NOW!


That sounds great, thanks for showing me the way.

Just to double check: this issue is caused mainly by overpopulation, so the solution will be to reduce the number of births in the West, and then import all of the 3rd world in order to replace our aging population, right? Moving people from poor countries with low Co2 emissions into wealthy countries with high Co2 emissions is clearly going to help solve this apocalyptic crisis.

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The apocalypse is losing important shades of lipstick that will stifle and smother what was meant to sizzle. And NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE!!!