These people should definitely be forced to ride ostriches!

My doctor back in Canada sent me this video. It’s perported to be a tunnel somewhere in Russia. It runs under a river, and is a little leaky. Unfortunately, the water freezes in the winter, and…well, see for yourself.

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that vid’s been around for a while dude…

still an interesting watch as always though… but hard to concentrate on it with the replay of the motoGP on atm~

That’s in Russia!!!..

I saw that video before and just automatically assumed it was footage from the new No.5 Freeway to Ilan… :laughing:

Big ups to the driver of the artic bus though. He was slick!

I wonder how many times per day he does that? :ponder:

I dont get the crash with the two trucks toward the end of the video… why is one truck looking the other way? Looks like the backwards truck magically appeared. seems a bit fishy to me.

Yes, I noticed that too. I’ve watched the video a few times trying to figure out where the other truck came from as it does indeed seem to magically appear AFTER the first truck crashes.

A few frames fell out I guess.

There be a hex on that tunnel, mr. Proctor.

It looks like to me it came through the wall from the other side. But wouldn’t that be on the wrong side ?

I don’t see how riding an ostrich would help. Do they have better grip on ice ?

Have you ever seen two ostriches colliding? I think not.
If anybody can show me undoctored evidence that ostriches can collide or have collided, I’ll eat my words.

Probably not, but they don’t go as fast, so fatalities are less likely providing one wears a helmet.

Probably not, but they don’t go as fast, so fatalities are less likely providing one wears a helmet.[/quote]

An ostrich can run at 40 mph

The plot thickens. I watched the video again. This time just as the truck starts to careen into the other lane, I paused the video. There it is. The second truck appears out of nowhere. And it is facing the camera!

There’s definitely something fishy going on.

Also ostriches are rear wheel drive, so they handle better in low traction conditions…

As for the blue truck appearance, it’s clearly some fiendish secret weapon project by the Taiwan government, whereby they can beam a blue truck into existence anywhere in the world, instantly wreaking havoc and causing untold road carnage, crippling the target country’s traffic systems… weapons of mass disruption, not a pretty sight really…

Any one of the motor vehicles in that video is capable of exceeding 40mph, and probably were when they crashed.

After watching that series of frames about 100 times, I think that 2nd truck was going much faster, coming up from behind, and had spun 180 on ice in the right lane and was travelling backwards and bounching off the wall by the time we see the 1st truck turning as a result of being hit by the rebounding truck.

That was sheer insanity. :astonished: :astonished: All I could think was “I hope I’m not watching someone go to there death.”

I wonder how much time elapsed between crashes. Hours? Days? Months?

Hat’s off to that guy. Excellent job controlling the bus. That footage should make it into drivers training videos on corrective steering.

Exactly. I watched that again and again. Where the heck did that second truck come from? One truck is driving along, then crashes into nothing, then a second truck emerges from the crash. What did I miss?