They all look the same (?)

I find it to be very racist that it doesnt have a choice for Filipino but has two VERY Filipino girls on there… whatavar.
My score is super low cuz I think they are all Japanese or Filipino.
I got 10. Oops. I thought I was less of a whitey than all that. Sheeeet.

Whelp. I hope you guys aren’t as ignorant as I am.

I also got 10. Can’t really tell. It’s tricky.

I also got 10. Can’t really tell. It’s tricky.

I got 5. :blush:

I got 8. I knew I was gonna bomb after just a few people and I was taking fairly wild guesses. But the average score is 7.

It may sound racist to say “they all look the same,” and they don’t look the same, but I don’t feel there’s anything racist or ignorant about scoring poorly on that test. I bet most asians would also have trouble. I’ll have to give it to my wife later.

How well would people score on a test of American, Brit, Australians?

Is it prejudice to assume that a person should be able to score highly on that test?

Doesn’t that basically assume that all C look the same, all J look the same, all K look the same, and none of them look like people from the other countries?

I got 10. I’m “OK” the test told me!

Here’s an idea. Why don’t we do the same thing with a bunch of white people and ask what nationality they are? I don’t doubt the results will be pretty much the same.

Oh, by the way, my score was 8, and I was guessed on every one.

i got 10, but i have to say that i look for things other than visual cues… for eg. if i’m really confused, i sniff their butts.

Oh really? What you sniffing for? Sushi, kimchi or five spice remnants?


At last, sanity. How on earth are you supposed to know what country someone comes from based on their face?

We are all descended from ONE man. The website is dumb.

Don’t be stupid. You know all white people come from the US.

I got an 8. It was a breeze. If the ladies had wavy hair and look like girls, then they were Japanese. If they had different mismatched clothes then Chinese. If the men had bad hair color, then Japanese. If they were older, if they looked like they had been drinking because of work, Japanese or Korean.

Oh heck, what do I know. :unamused:

I got a 4. Does that mean I win something?

Personally, I’m bad at recognizing different races, but that’s probably because it’s such a non-issue to me. :idunno:

I got an 8 but I was just “lucky guessing”. I’m really bad at that sort of thing.

I would like to hear from some of our asian posters and see what they score…

I’m “hopeless” according to the test. :frowning:


I’m asian and my score drumroll…FOUR!!! Sad thing is I used to pride myself on being able to tell from a distance a Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc walking down the lanes of Chinatown.

No the test was jibbed I say, you can’t tell just from the face! For one I’ve always thought northern Chinese could look ALOT like Koreans and so on but that’s not the point. It’s all about the attitude and style, they should have short videos of each person instead of photos of people making weird faces. :smiley:

This is pants i got 7, my wife who’s a local got 8. She of course disavowed the test completely. I’m sure to be clever they just chose people who look nothing like the racial norm. Why can’t they make it a bit more representative, like Chinese guys with bad fitting suits and Japanese women with bad teeth? Doh there I go with the stereotypes again… :help:

dammit must remember to stop using back button…