This reply solves the problem?

I don’t know how long it’s been there, but I’ve just noticed that under every message there’s a new checkbox:“This reply solves the problem”, next to the “Like” option.
Is it to mark something like the answer/solution to a topic?

Always been there. It appears in any post besides the OP. The basic intent is that if the OP feels the post solves their posted problem, they can check it.

Wow, I’ve never noticed that before. I thought the heart was the left-most icon.

Not on mobile now, but on desktop the option is hidden under the “…” ellipses icon list. Once you check it, it appears prominently to the left.

Ok, we talked about this when we first switched to discourse, but I can’t find that thread. :cry:

Any who, I’ve actually checked the resolve box for OP. Where, the OP answered their own question after a few posts. Oops?

:slight_smile: Mods can do this, but normally you can just in threads you begin yourself, I believe.

I just got one post in another thread marked as solution. While I appreciate the gesture, it got me curious as it wasn’t done neither by the OP nor by a moderator. How’s that possible?

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Well, @IbisWtf is the OP here, so there’s nothing strange in this thread

Except the fact that my post isn’t really a solution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Maybe the real solution were the friends we made along the way!


Based on the title of this thread I thought you were referring to @tempogain solving my infestation of the Costco thread.



I think I was wrong. Anyone can do it.

Not anyone.
I can’t see this option anywhere…

Did you look under the ellipsis icon?

These are my options:

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Is that the same in other unsolved threads?

Yes, except for those where I’m the OP. In those, I can see the solution box even when I’ve already marked the thread as solved.

I’ll try and figure it out. I took a quick look just before but it wasn’t obvious. Where’s the thread where it happened?

Taiwan then and now

What are you going on about? I don’t see any such option.

Have you ever created a thread?