Those sexy 35 years old Taiwanese women

Hi guys,

After a couple of months here in Taipei – and Taiwan --I have developed
this attraction to 35 years old Taiwanese women. I had a thing with an early-twenties-gal. Ok, a couple. It was nice and all but those 35yrs are so damn sexy… I’m in my mid twenties and never had an affair with an older woman before. Damnnnn. This is nothing like back home.
Aaaaanyhoo. Any tips where it would be possible to umm meet one (w/o paying)? I would love some tips and advices. I’m not a native english speaker mind you, and not too much into bars.


Hang out at Book Stores and upmarket department stores. Make eye contact.

:stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, Jenny’s taken.

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Make sure there’s no way her husband can track you down!

Plenty of spinsters out there. Or so they consider themselves onec they hit 30 and are unmarried.

I have seen some very beautiful single moms come into the school where I work.

Exactly. That’s the problem; for all I know she’s married with 1.26 kids and her husband is the local mobster. Local book stores are definitely a nice idea but still wouldn’t help with the above :slight_smile: Anywhere with high concentration of “single mature women”? (go ahead, take your best shot).

funny, ever since high school my friend and I always had the desire of 35 year olds also. Do not know here, but if you are ever in Atlanta go to Johnny’s Hideaway… Music is terrible, but it is packed with hot 30-40 year old rich, single, sometime divorced women. We heard about it when we were 18, so we got our fake id’s and the party began!! For some reason at that place, alot of the women loved us younger men!

Stating the bleeding obvious…Carnegies Wed/Fri/Sat night. you don’t need to be a good English speaker - nobody I know is by about 11pm - and they are all native speakers! :wink:

He said he wasn’t into bars.

Iris gave you the best advice so far.

But we all pay fella. One way or the other, we all pay.

We certainly do pay- in FULL. I wouldn’t recommend hanging around SOGO looking for women - but then I know nothing about pulling the birds.

Lots of them are single, until their husband comes back from China… or she succeeded in making him jealous… or she’s the ‘hsiao lao puo’ of some dude you wouldn’t want to mess with. Sure there are some babes out there that really are unattached. There are also a lot of liars. CYA as always.

There are no truer words spoken… :help:

Dress nicely and adopt a subtle but horny countenance. Be cute and funny. Don’t say dirty things. The right place is any place where there are women and that is every place pretty much.

Oooohhh, younger women. :bouncy: . . . . . . . . . . :blush:

Have you tried the local Yahoo! chatrooms? According to my straight Chinese friends, there is this whole other world of married women looking for a little no-strings fun while their hubby is off in China or at the KTV. I am just dumbfounded when I hear men complain about not getting laid and there is a wonderful rescource that can quickly and efficiently hook them up. For Christ’s sake, guys, get with the program.

Thanks Flicka. :wink:

A lot of women here aren’t even ripe till they are thirty. If this guy is a noobie I bet he is out there drooling over fifty year olds. Ain’t life a gas!

Having a kid or two puts some meat on them skinny bones. Taiwan woman don’t develop real curves till she be thirty. The MILFs are hotter than the xiaojies. Hell yeah!

Oooohhh, younger women. :bouncy: . . . . . . . . . . :blush:[/quote] :laughing: