Tommy's new cat?

Bout two months ago driving into our complex saw a couple of kittens near the garbage. Counted 3 kittens and one cat perhaps also a kitten that was larger. They were scrummaging through the garbage bin to find food. We brought out food for them, but that place was not good near the garbage. A few days later found they had been hiding in some bushes near by. So we started feeding them there and providing water.

Two other neighbors got involved as well and we started to see what we could do.

It transpired that the bigger one was their mom and she had three kittens. The kittens may have been around 2 months or maybe 3 months old. I don’t know how they survived for so long eating garbage.

One of the ladies contacted an organization that do catch and release and she managed to capture all 4 cats in due course and they all got vaccinated and fixed and unfortunately got a third of their left ear cut off. They do this to signify a feral cat that has been fixed.

The mother cat was deemed to be pregnant again but turned out her big belly was full of worms. She has become quite friendly and is now being fostered. Perhaps she will be lucky and get adopted.

The three kittens we are trying to tame so that they can also be adopted.

Tammy managed to get one of them to be friendly enough to handle . She was able to bring him to our home for the nights. He pines to go out in the daytime to rejoin his sister and brother. Of whom he is very fond. They are inseparable. The other two, the girl we call Ricky and the boy Goldie (he is jet black with golden eyes, Ricky is striped and looks like her mom, while the one we are bringing home we call Ollie Tollie is a tuxedo cat). The dad must have been a tuxedo cat.

OUr cat whopper is not pleased and does not fully get along with the new cat. So at night whopper sleeps in our room as usual with us and Ollie sleeps by himself in the living room.

He has since become quite the house cat. Very well behaved, uses the cat box and you wouldn’t know he was a feral cat. Except he has one bad habit which is he likes to chase our toes and will bite gently. We are trying to break him of this habit.

Our lease is up and we are considering moving to a better apt. But we are in a dilemma. To take ollie or not? He has become used to nights at our place (he follows tammy home when it gets dark) and used to hanging out in the daytime with his mate. The three of them don’t stray far from one area.

Ideally if we had a house with a big back yard we could take all three and the other two can remain outdoors while ollie is indoor/outdoor.

But thats not financially viable at this point. :frowning:

whopper is no longer aggressive towards the new cat but the tables are now reversed and the six month (estimated) kitten is aggressive towards whopper. So they are not a best match but could still be workable in time.

Apparently feral cats are encouraged not to be turned in to the SPCA because since they are not tame (even kittens) they are almost always put down. So the recommendation is to feed them and let them live where they are.

Ollie is no longer feral and we feel we can adopt him. Too bad we didn’t get him civilized before he got a third of one ear cut off. Why didn’t they just cut off a tiny portion?? The sadists cut off a third of one ear !! gee.

Ollie and Whopper are allowed to be together only under supervision as they are still aggressive towards each other and a fight can happen.

Tammy is thrilled to have another cat. They have distinct personalities the two of them. Quite different from each other.

I am not one thousand percent thrilled as i know two cats are harder than one cat to handle. They have bad habits like waking you up at early hours.

Ollie has been good about it, but whopper likes to get up at 430am and wake everyone up. This gets ollie up and wanting to eat and get outside to join his mates. I think whopper does this on purpose to get rid of ollie for the day.

WE like waking at 7am and NOT at 4am.

Ollie’s litermates have come to the apt to eat a few times but are extremely skittish. WE have been able to pet them while they are eating. And tammy is able to put flea medicine on them this way.
But they are both still feral cats. Ollie has been the one brave enough to approach and tame.


Tommy, you really ought to have your own reality TV show.

I would watch it every night, and so would millions of Americans.

Until then, I will continue to read your stories here on the flob.


What? The Catdashians??


The second night Ollie came to dinner
He followed Tammy home

Ricky comes occasionally for Dinner


With a soundtrack by Primus


Bonus: they’re also an East Bay band.

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Looks like a keeper. Good to see you’re following my advice about the backup cat. :grin:

I was doing my darnest to keep tammy from getting another cat. Every time we went to the vet or pet store there are kittens for adoption and she wanted to bring them All home.

But this time, what can you do??

Ollie leads the way home at night

What’s even better than choosing a pet? Having a pet choose you.

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Ollie is very cute You can’t help but love him as he is very sweet and well mannered
He doesn’t hiss or growl when you clip his nails or pick him up like Whopper

Whopper is not Pleased


A house full overrated pussies fighting. :thinking: Hard pass…

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She’s going to make a gentleman out of that feral cat

I seriously would watch that show.
I can even imagine the episodes. The Katdashians go for a driving holiday down the coast, reviewing pet friendly hotels and where to get the best value three course meals while Tommy reminisces along the way.:joy:

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I don’t like cats.



How’s your wife doing Tommy?

I remember when she just moved to the US - time has flown by.

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She is well thanks for asking
I guess I should add a few posts in the tommy thread :smiley_cat:


Lol that’s so funny because that’s exactly what we have been doing for six years
Those very things


Just for the record, tuxedos are a genetic fluke, a lucky roll of the dice. A tuxedo cat will not generate more tuxedo cats, unfortunately.

I would also support getting all 3. As with children, they can play among themselves and not with your toes. However, I do understand about room and cost. I live in a 26 ping place but I have balconies, if you have more than one cat, then you can consider building a catio.

And that way you can always have a cat in the house.

Considering an apt that is the same cost but much more high end. This one I am in for ten years has raised the rent 100pct !! So its not worth the new price. It was worth the old price. The complex is commercially owned so they raise the rent yearly. Whereas this new place I am thinking of renting I will be taking over the lease from a coworker and because it is individually owned it is up to the land lord what he wants to charge. And he hasn’t been raising the rent that much in the same ten year span. So basically the rent here has caught up with the rent there. And that is right almost in downtown Walnut Creek so definitely more high end. Basement parking, elevator right to the unit. Instead of over here if its raining we have to make a mad dash from the carport to the unit. That wont happen there. That being said, this place has a nice garden and pool (pool is too dang cold 90pct of the year but the garden is nice and whopper likes to walk there). So pros and cons. I don’t have a place to wash my cars there either.
But again the apt there is much more high end. And location is high end too. So more bang for the buck.

WE will probably take ollie but don’t know if he can transition to fully indoor cat. And he will be separated from his siblings.

Don’t know if that will work. OR perhaps we have to come get him and bring him back or what? Its about 20 mins drive from here to there each way so its an undertaking .

Whopper will be ok there. There is a park close by to walk and its mins drive from downtown walnut creek and he can walk in the shopping area there (we already take him there to walk often).

Problem is OLLIE> We cant take all three because the other two kittens are still basically wild.

Don’t know if Ollie can transition to full house cat as yet.

Ideally if someone can adopt all three that will be good. Someone with a big back yard where the other two semi wild cats can be outdoors and /or come in for food. And ollie can go in and out.

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You want to live in Walnut Creek? That place is yuppie hell. :astonished: