Tour de France 2019


please please :praying: not Team Sky again

Quite impossible since there’s no Team Sky anymore :wink:

What? what happened?? a raid???

Sky no longer sponsors “Team Sky”

They are now Team Ineos.

Sagan got beaten by 2 cm, 1 inch! About, more or less!

Sagan for Green.

Van Aerts or Alaphilippe for Yellow.

Uran for Polka (hard to call!).

Bernal for White.

Lol, odds of 1000/1 on Betfair, put some money on it.

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SHIMANO or PRO wheels are bloody good but obviously not good enough for pros.

Excuse my poor English, the last paragraph confused me:

Shimano sponsors the team, but Lightweight does not. Without a deal, the management would have to had bought the eight wheelset and many spares, that were mounted on the extra bikes today, out of the team’s budget.

So, the team does NOT have a deal with Lightweight, am I correct?


This article explains why it’s a bit strange…on paper anyway.

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Rohan D seems to have had a meltdown the day before his big ITT. No one has any idea what his issue was, just climbed off the bike in the feed zone and literally went walkabout.
Meanwhile Mitchelton-Scott took another stage. Good on those guys. And Caleb took a stage too.

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I feel like it’s all up in the air right now, but I remember everything changes once they hit the mountains.

Looking forward to some changes in the GC.

But in the descent they are not that good because lightweight!

Ah well scratch Van Aert from my predictions.

Bad crash in the time trial.

Hope he’s okay

Yeah he doesn’t look good

His girlfriend said no broken bones , but a deep cut in his thigh which is the worry

Hmmm. Good and bad. Still, he’s out and facing a few weeks off the bike

Nice. Alaphilippe getting stitched into his suit. Literally.

At least 50% of my predictions still ok!

Yay! Nice ride Ala!

He couldn’t go all the way to Paris could he? A Frenchman in the Tour de France? Winning the yellow jersey?

Yeah, nah…

I guess we’ll find out on top of the Tourmalet tonight.

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