Tour de Taiwan 2018


Romantic Hakka Avenue today. Yesterday the peloton got lost on the mountain roads, had to stop the race to get them back on track.

Watch the action here:


Something wrong was bound to happen…let’s hope this is the only occurrence.


Taiwan. Anything may happen.


At least it wasn’t as bad as that time in Kunming when the breakaway missed the finish line and was lead into it from the opposite direction at the same time the peloton arrived. That was mayhem.


This was by far the funniest title to a Strava ride title I’ve seen in awhile:


Easiest race ever? How dare he. He’s right though, that finish is horrible, 180 degree hairpin turn on cobbles within 250 meters of the finish.


Wow thanks for the YouTube link. I didn’t even know they had video of it, lol. 20km to go on Stage 3.


They need to send these cameramen for study abroad at the TDF.


I feel nauseous just watching it. Maybe they don’t have image stabilization in the cameras.


Photographers should be shot. Pun intended!




Cocky young Brit. We used to rule the world, dontchaknow? :wink:


But that was like 500 years ago right?


Dunno. Were maps pink then?


“I have never seen such a mistake, with more than 100 competitors being misled along the wrong turn. I am afraid this will damage the reputation of the Tour de Taiwan … it has affected the race and disrupted the rhythm of the competitors,” Taiwanese cyclist Feng Chun-kai (馮俊凱) said.

阿Kai is right.


I dunno. Its happened in Europe before. I doubt it affected the result. Avila and Arashiro first and second was completely predictable.

That’s the thing about road cycling, shit happens all the time. Dogs get on the course, sheep. Race motos take out riders.

My greatest fear is that one day a dreaded blue truck will get on the course.

On a separate note I wonder if A-kai will ever do anything on the bike again.


Yeah agree, it’s happened before and will happen again in races all over. But I do agree TdT can do without more negative press.


He was a shining beacon of hope when he got signed onto Lampre/Merida back in the day. Now, not so sure. I can’t even get mad at him because he doesn’t even have any support from his own country’s government.

The same thing happened to Huang Ting Ying when prepping for the Olympics and had a team of two people, her coach and her mechanic. It’s really quite amazing that she made the Olympic cut with the resources she had, but she may have needed more to excel.


He’s just a mascot in that team. I guess it was always going to be the case…Merida said we’ll be a sponsor but you have to take this guy on. He had no palmares outside of lesser known Asia circuit races. Huang Ting Ying is a sadder case since she actually won two stages of a UCI race, racing against all the top girls, easily the greatest achievement of any Taiwanese cyclist. In theory she’s still on the books of an Italian team but I can’t see any evidence of her racing.


I’m fully expecting some old biddy to pull out of her place without looking and ride her scooter on the wrong side of the road straight into the race…