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Good. Many are only popular when first built, then fade away quickly.

Already many artificial tourist sites like “80 villages decorated with colorful murals, 13 skywalks and four glass churches”.


Oh no, there goes my idea for building the world’s largest smartphone.


Build it and they will come.

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to take selfies.


It might cause anyone nearby to mill about aimlessly.

Too often much money is spent to build various attractions…only to quickly fall into disrepair as no maintenance is done year after year.

How many wood walkways, stairs, benches, etc. have rotted away in various parks? How many bathrooms’ equipment are broken and appear to not have been cleaned in twenty years (even though only one year old)?

I hope this new ruling stops the cable car tourist attraction planned near my house. From what I heard and saw in documents the cable car plans to take visitors up and down from a mountain but not let visitors off near the stores the govt says want to support. Appears to be a huge investment to line pockets of officials.

Oh no, build it, at least virtually. It would have to be a working model. Either on it’s side or standing up. How wonderful you access the buttons? Rock climbing ropes?

By jumping on the buttons, like Tom Hanks playing the keyboard in Big.

Maybe they should build a Pokemon Go Battle Park

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This is what he calls the video himself.

Funny stuff. But too much hello kitty squeaky voice girls.


Yeah, not all of them have a kitty squeaky voice, but even one is too much already.
The one with a leather cap is the better singer IMO.

Another @tango42 topic saved!


I think those are all models, none of them is actually singing.

The video is well made, but I never understand or like this way of trying to be funny. Not only Taiwan, it’s East Asian attempts at humor, in general.

In terms of Taipei tourism promotion, I don’t think it’s very effective, because all the attention goes to him and the girls. The city just becomes a replaceable backdrop. I guess lot of viewers don’t even realize that the video promotes Taipei or is even shot in Taipei.

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In fact, they do try to sing. The description of the YouTube video also list down their names and YouTube channels.

That may be true. Although, they wrote down the places they went every time they changed scenery. If the video was solely focused on city’s promotion, it probably wouldn’t get as many views.

The beginning just comes off a little … sleazy? This part to me is painting the wrong impression of a conservative country. Surely this video is not in any capacity associated with any official government tourism bureau. If it is, well, that is indeed ridiculous, so he got one thing right I suppose. :-1:

Maybe this should go in the Making Porn in Taiwan thread?

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Michael Turton’s rant about the new Taiwan Tourism Online Exhibition

He’s talking about this:

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I think he has some valid points. The problem is systemic it seems, the way government works, the hierarchy etc. Difficult to change, inviting more experts from the field, including expats, and implementing some of their suggestions, would certainly help.

Would love to hear Michael’s take on this site:


It’s part of the TB’s tourism promotion efforts.

The government just throws money at things and not all of them work out nicely. Sometimes an office just has money and needs to spend it on some relevant activity and that’s where you get a lot of odd out of place seemingly less than useful actions.

But it employeed people, maybe helped support commercial companies, etc.

The site loads reasonably fast on a modern laptop and browser. It does suffer from some communication problems though. The main map that appears on the virtual screen appears to be segmented by regions, but no matter where you click you get a video about “what you can see from trains in Taiwan”. I tried zooming in and clicking on some of the things pinpointed on the map, but the only thing that kept popping up was the train youtube. There are all these links down the bottom to Korea, Japan, Philliipines, not sure what these are supposed to represent.

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I think those links are supposed to be for visitors from those countries. So if you are from Japan, you are supposed to click on “Japan” to get a tailor-made experience (Japanese language; things Japanese are interested in). If that is not obvious to the user, then there are probably shortcomings in the layout/wording of the interface.