😮 Tourist Experience | What is unusual for Taiwanese people when they see tourists?

What is considered funny or unusual whenever there are tourists in taiwan or in taipei?

One example nobody every warned that taouyan airport was huge so I was wearing this 2 inch boots when I arrived didn’t know rubber shoes is KING in taiwan LOL glad to say some taiwanese people are laughing at me for wearing boots yeah they wear laughing and making actions towards the wheelchair. Safe to say I switched to flats when I was already done with immigration.

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Where are you visiting from?

But I see women wearing boots all the time


I don’t see why someone in Taiwan would laugh at you for wearing boots. I don’t think that’s funny or unusual.


Somebody needs to see a shrink.


Dunno about the locals, but the expats have a thing for grammar. :whistle:

for the love of god fix that fucking typo


People who travel to a country like Taiwan who are surprised that Taxi drivers speak Chinese and chopsticks use is normal at restaurants, or they haven’t done an internet search on anything, or they think international airports should be the size of a shoebox


Funny you say that. I had the same experience when I forgot to wear pants after a good night out.


Pretty much nothing.

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  1. It seems highly unlikely to me that people were laughing at you for wearing boots. They probably weren’t laughing at you at all, but if they were it must have been for some other reason.

  2. You’re glad to say they were laughing at you? Okay…

  3. How about some punctuation in there somewhere?



I mean if they are locals

Good thing i wore my pants lol

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You do realize that travel vloggers and other tourists romanticize everything when posting so yeah I might have not seen any warning sign to learn chopsticks before hand as " taiwan" is westernized lol

If you want to eat ya learn fast :grin:


I don’t watch anything from travel vloggers. So… no

So Taiwan is “westernized” lolz I guess that’s why you think Taxi drivers should speak to you in a foreign language and that people here do not use chopsticks. I learned how to use chopsticks as a young child in the 1960’s, in Australia.

Taiwan is not Westernized. If anything, it’s more similar to Japan.

Hong Kong and Singapore are Westernized, since those cities were founded by the British. Are you sure you didn’t get these countries mixed up?

Funny I found Tokyo to be far more westernized (but not as true for Osaka). Actually I was pretty surprised how westernized Tokyo felt.


Yeah, that’s what I meant too - that I don’t think locals find boots funny.