Tpass - Monthly Transit Pass for Multiple Cities and Counties

Will be on sale June 15. Activated for use July 1st. Includes trains and long range buses now, Keelung and Taoyuan.

[ LETTER ] - Taipei Times.


Damn. $1,200?

They cost $399 in Kaohsiung. They include MRT, light rail, ferries, YouBikes, TRA, and city buses. I don’t know if they include inter-city buses though.


It’s currently $1280 for less usage.

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Here it will include everything you mentioned, light rail I forgot too, but in 4 cities.


Also good on city trams in Kaohsiung

Yeah I said that already. Light rail is tram.

Problem is my just renewed 1280 pass expires on the 15th, and what do I do for the 15 day between?

Hmmm. That is a massive problem. I guess they should just scrap the entire scheme then.

How much do you actually save using the monthly pass? Would it make that much of a difference to just use single tickets for those 15 days?


Before the 1280 ticket came, it was not hard for me to spend 3000 per month just on mrt and that was with the discounts.

1280 is a massive saving.

Seems like quite a lot if you were really spending an average of NT$100 per day on public transport.

If that’s true, I guess you’d be better off paying NT$1280 for those 15 days then, even if you need to get the other ticket starting from July 1 for some reason.

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A trip on the mrt from danshui to Taipei main station is like 50nt or so. Do this twice a day and spending 100 a day on mrt is not hard.

It doesn’t include buses, one scan is 15 unless you just got off the mrt.

1280 isn’t just a massive saving, it’s also very flexible.

Actually scooter maintenance costs more than 1000 a month so it seems cheaper to just take the mrt.

And…do you need to go to Danshui and back every day?

If so, looks like you’d save money buying the monthly ticket even just for 15 days. So do that then? Problem solved!

I’m just happy it’s priced the same for both foreigners and citizens and they’re not doing discriminatory pricing like in Taichung and kaohsiung, even if the pass is much more expensive


Huh? I believe ARC holders in Kaohsiung get the same $399 monthly pass.

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Shhh. It’s likely not deliberate. They might just have forgotten to charge us more this time, so better to keep our mouths shut and not remind them. :zipper_mouth_face:


Oh so it’s just Taichung with the discriminatory pricing. I must have misread about Kaohsiung.

It includes many buses.

“It” was referring to his value of 100 a day on the MRT, not the monthly pass.

I meant what people spent on MRT before the 1280 ticket was created, it was a huge discount. I remember spending at least 100 a day on MRT rides just going between danshui and guanhua market. And that’s only making a round trip. If you made any side stops, it was higher.

Now with the 1280 ticket you can use buses like a car. Even hop on a bus, go 2 stops, then get off. Do this without the monthly pass and see what happens.


Wow ktown is behind Taichung now in population