Traffic cameras

do they have them here or what? i was crossing a busy road earlier, a large group was crossing and some total prick drove right through the middle only to stop and wait in traffic a few yards later up the road. he wasn’t turning either. it was a straight road.

whats the deal with this? back home he would be facing a fine pretty standardly. but here, nothing?

Were you crossing at a crosswalk? You can go to the nearest police station and report it, they’ll check nearby cameras. Otherwise have your cellphone recording as you cross, especially on crosswalks with no traffic lights. By law any car is supposed to be more than 3 metres from you, however completely impractical that is on most Taipei streets.

Or Option B.

hey man i get what you are saying but i don’t see why i should be doing the police’s work for them. this guy just nonchalantly drove at speed through a red light over a crowded crossing and i’m the one who should hold him accountable for it? i also don’t feel safe focussing on taking a photo with my phone while dickheads are trying to run me over.

Easy there now, it is illegal to use your phone while crossing an intersection by foot here.

Nobody is watching those recordings in realtime. Something happens, they review the tapes. Most cameras at intersections and on roads are to catch speeders and red light runners.

well yea thats why i started the thread, it was a red light.

If the camera caught him running a red, then it would have flashed. He will get an automated ticket in the mail…or at least the owner of the car will.

If he broke a law and put you in danger, then you have to report it and they will review the tapes of nearby video cameras. Speed cameras and red light cams only take photos, not video.

so they actually have the cameras then? and use them to fine people? why does stuff like this so commonly happen if people are getting fined?

People memorize where the cameras are and “law abide” until they’re out of range, then go back to normal reckless driving.

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It’s not illegal to record using your phone while crossing the road.

There’s not going to be a policeman at every intersection, there’s also not going to be an auto camera at every one either. Report the guy, if enough people do it one way or another he won’t be doing it again.

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It is illegal to be looking at your phone while crossing the street. It is left up to the authorities to deem whether or not you were “distracted” enough to cause a hazard to yourself or others. Nonetheless, it is illegal.

Here is an article from 2014, that was back when they were debating it. Now, its law.

You don’t have to be looking at your phone to record, hence it is not illegal to record using your phone while crossing the road!

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Slice and dice it anyway you want. Bottom line is, if the authorities think you are “using” your phone in a way that is causing a hazard while crossing the street, then you can get fined.

They can also fine you for loitering, kneeling, sitting, dancing, lying down or “playing” in a crosswalk. All on the law books and all up to the interpretation of the police.

I watched someone get ticketed for talking on their phone while crossing really slowly.

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Whatever dude. Ive got better things to do than argue with you. You want to risk getting a fine, have at it. No skin off my back. Have a nice evening.

I think that your Post may prove to be a White Elephant.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

you are making it sound like a traffic camera automatically taking a photo when someone breaks the law is hard work…

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