Tragic train crash in Hualien on April 2, 2021

Nothing wrong it seems with the train, it was the car/lorry which was/fell on the tracks, it’s like this one in California (Driver got life, they considered possible capital offense). Hope they punish the person AND company.
2005 Glendale train crash - Wikipedia

Really happy your well!! I have friend that also takes this train sometimes back to her hometown but like you, fate was she did not this train today.

On the other hand, sad for all those on the train.

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From the footage seems like train is mostly ok. How did so many die? Was is inside the tunnel that most carnage occurred?

yes. It jumped the tracks after colliding with the maintenance vehicle. The cars off the track in the tunnel were peeled open like a tin can.

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Is this a developing story right now ?
Watching news they said a vehicle fell on the tracks and the train driver died on impact he was a young driver who just got married

His assistant escaped death

The train then derailed
Train cars derailed inside the tunnel and hit the walls
Train cars 5
To 8 had a lot of
Injuries and deaths

Train was full and even had people standing

Car 8 was the lead carriage 10 died
Car 7 had 20 deaths
Car 6 had 21 deaths
Car 5 and 4 had deaths as well

Car 8 the locomotive hit the truck and continued into the tunnel from the inertia

The pictures shown on tv is the back of the train

The mangled cars are in the tunnel

Tragic loss of life some people still trapped
There may be more deaths

Just happened a few hours ago and they’re still going through

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The second photo can barley tell that it’s a train. Truly sad day for many and their families.

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Thanks. Our train left Qidu at 7:34. This one, no. 408, left Songshan at 7:47. If I had a choice, no. 408 from Songshan would have been my choice. There was no choice, thank God. I was with my family. I’m a little shaken up by this.


Glad you’re okay and praying for those who were in this crash.


That’s 55 killed?

Where did you find this? I read 34 deaths on the news.

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Thanks, but next time in English, please!

Glad to hear you’re ok. What a tragedy.

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What disaster, that’s a lot of deaths for what probably started as a small mistake by the truck driver. I hope the death toll stop going up.

This was a card shown on tv
Pretty sure deaths will be higher than announced so far as many are still trapped

Cars five to 8 are mangled inside the tunnel

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News is reporting the driver didn’t use the handbrake when he parked the truck. Not a small mistake when you’re parked directly uphill from a train track.

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If they are barely able to get to the mangled cars, most likely death count will be much higher. Each car can hold atleast 50+ people.

As stated, hopefully it doesn’t go up.

I would argue that either don’t park on a hill, or use blocks to physically block the wheels from rolling. Hand brakes aren’t enough.

I seen blue trucks parked on an incline while loading or unloading and I was always afraid of a brake failure that would cause the truck to crash into traffic.