Tragic train crash in Hualien on April 2, 2021

【現場影片曝光】太魯閣號出軌!1死多人無生命跡象 乘客濺血爬窗逃生 | 蘋果新聞網 | 蘋果日報 (

Hope everyone here is ok. Very sad news on the fast train this morning,


Terrible. On the first day of tomb sweeping holiday…


It’s a mess inside the tunnel…at least 4 dead :pensive:

I am in Hualien. Arrived at 10am on a slightly later and slower train. Thank God for the difficulty in purchasing train tickets. Very well could’ve bought those tickets if available. Thank God. Will keep saying that.


So a truck fell from above as the Puyuma was exiting a tunnel? What are the chances?

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That’s not great is it? Why was a maintenance train on the rails in the first place?

I think the maintenance vehicle fell onto the tracks somehow.

I took puyoma on Monday for tomb sweeping. That train was vibrating excessively. I think TRA has issues.


From what I see on the linked article, it doesn’t seem that the train (a Taroko, not a Puyuma) is at fault. Looks more like a maintenance vehicle slipped or fell into the trains path.

Edit - yes, what @tando posted (read the translation later!!)

Time will tell of course. Condolences to those affected and their families.


Local news saying that at least 36 people have no vital signs… This is terribly unfortunate :frowning:

I’ve been hearing a similar number. So sad.

Yeah but stuff like this is probably lots of chabuduo at work.

Puyoma should not be vibrating like that

Was having such a great few days…I was excited for the new EMU-900 trains the other day and just got back from lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in a while so I was feeling really great. On my way home saw the news…very unsettling…

Did they make their way through all of the train carriages yet or are they still trying to work their way in the deformed ones in the tunnel?

EDIT: This makes it the most deadliest TRA accident in history right? I remember in '91 the train collision in Miaoli killed 30 people

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This is the second Puyuma crash ?
Wasn’t there that other derailment

What is wrong with these trains ?

Ps. Ok read the article
Seems the train derailed because of a truck
Horrible accident

Mate, that’s not really helpful right now.


Again, this wasn’t the train.


Watching Taiwan news on YouTube
The Taroko express train

Looking like it may have hit something on the tracks