Tragic train crash in Hualien on April 2, 2021

Are there doors between the carriages like the HSR or open like the MRT? If open I guess some of those in car 8 may have originally been standing in car 7.

Yes, Doors that you have to slide or touch to open, no open gap like the MRT.

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the train model is 台鐵TEMU1000型電聯車 , the doors between the carrieges are like the HSR


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For the same reason this happened in Tainan :

What is possibly the “same reason?”


Perhaps he was too busy looking at his cell phone.

Same reason.
Today l rode a Youbike on a two-lane riverside bikeway. A bit of rain, so no other bikers around. Or so I thought. I was minding my own business riding on the right hand side, but a bit to the middle of the bikeway. Out of a sudden a guy, also on a Youbike, squeezes by me on the right, almost touching me. He didn’t ring his bell and didn’t pass me on the left, which would have been the logical, cause safe, way to do it. No risk assessment, no anticipation what could have easily happened (both of us crashing, breaking our necks). Imagine this guy drives a car or oversees a construction site.


Sounds like that guy was an asshole but equally possible that is a clueless idiot as you said.

Poor anticipation for accidents is just a big issue here and it’s hard to understand why that is. It’s obviously not something they build awareness for at school or at home.

My coworker brought in some kind of paraffin fired coffee burner into the office . I said nice burner don’t use it here.
She really had to think about why for a while.
I also had to tell other idiots multiple times to stop burning paper and incense in our office corridors over the years . Caused some friction but had to be done.


Back when I briefly taught kindy my bosses wanted to do a cooking class. Their plan was to stick marshmallows on the end of a wooden chopstick and get the kids to dip it in melted chocolate. Over thirty excited 5 year olds running around holding chopsticks.


Please can someone enlighten me too.

I vote for the latter.

Passing on the right is done all the time here with scooters. Lots of bad habits are learned and ingrained and then repeated in other contexts (as seen in @hannes 's example: on a youbike on a riverside path).


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Those buffets do those marshmallow in chocolate fountains all the time.

Yes, they do.

If someone were to do a risk assessment with having thirty 5 year old children simultaneously holding chopsticks the possibility of one of them getting a chopstick in the eye would probably come up. Food allergies as well. Off the top of my head.

Perhaps I’m overthinking things, but I very much doubt that a professional kindergarten would allow such an event to happen.

If you look at the scooter exam it’s a bloody joke. It’s as if everybody was going to drive a scooter in their own little playground lol.
Then they take those bad habits and do similar driving cars. What a mess.

Forget the exam, look what’s happening around us on the street!

Heaps of bad habits everywhere…


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Obviously negligence.

I don’t think those trains exist now. They’ve all been converted into those horrible air-conditioned nightmare commuter trains. Miss those old trains, and the old boys selling taro ice cream…safe, too.

That’s exactly what I said earlier, and I think it’s true. Poor anticipation skills. The education system does not pose “what if” questions, or inculcate safety awareness in any way. That’s the root of the problem.
The scooter test is a joke. It’s a wonder more people don’t have accidents.

I think I understand what you are trying to say, but a more detailed response might be helpful. The examples cited are not quite compatible. Being tired or distracted, even careless, is dangerous (potentially negligent, but could be explained by some external factors). The alleged actions of the the foreman (?) 李義祥

are far more serious. Even idiots would probably call 119 or another emergency line to report a potential disaster (especially if the truck/crane was not yet on the tracks, but dangerously close) before trying to call in support to DIY the situation. That takes a special type of subterfuge and calculated deceit (aka covering one’s arse). The same kind of callous and degenerate immorality that causes that kind of person to commit repeated acts of fraud and harbour fugitives.

To be frank, the “accident” is not supportive evidence for the overall stereotype of “Taiwanese cha bu duo-ism” that is oft lamented on this forum. I’ve encountered cha bu duo individuals, in similar proportions, in North America, Europe, and other East Asian nations. Being a fallible human is one thing. Outright deceptive and immoral conduct is not typical of the Taiwanese people I know and love. In fact,attributing this tragedy to “typical” behaviours of Taiwanese is insulting in the extreme. And that’s just my personal reaction, I can’t imagine the feelings of the victims directly affected. My friend almost took that train, but decided to fly instead.