Trump Indicted! 2023

Finally reality catches up with the wannabe swamp-drainer.

After years of obfustication, avoidance, denial, slander, conniving, and general bullshit (including, surprisingly, a term as POTUS), the orange man receives the first of many indictments in the pipeline.

Comments welcome below.


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I enjoyed seeing the various headlines this morning. Fuck Trumpy.

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Unless he’s imprisoned this will only fire up his base by making him a martyr. Same as the toothless impeachment.


A great nation’s dignity restored, by a pornstar who didn’t know when to quit.

Or she forgot the safe word…

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Trump is probably all sorts of dodgy. But the fact that this is happening now, over a relatively trivial matter, suggests that TPTB have found a useful method of distracting the great unwashed from their ongoing crimes, which are so huge and diffuse that it’s not even clear which laws are being broken, except perhaps “all of them”. “Thou shalt not crash the global economy”, for example, probably isn’t on the statute books.


Nothing dignified about a banana republic where former leaders are imprisoned by the current regime.


The wheels are actually coming off.


Exactly. He should have been impeached and imprisoned while still in office. And his assets (such as they were) disbursed to the families of gun violence victims and former slaves. And Mar-a-Lago burned to the ground and the rubble ploughed under with salt.

But now we’ll just have to live with whatever remnants of justice can still be served


:scream: I just realized I am swimming in this cesspit again!

Back to Mute!


um whut? Trump is now being accused of shooting people and owning slaves?

This all just gets weirder and weirder.

I never accused him of that.

Then why the hell should he be somehow held responsible for “former slaves”, whoever they even are?


He was impeached. Twice. Over basically nothing. That was the real stain on the country. His only real crime was winning the 2016 election.


Wise man. The politics threads aren’t for everybody. :sweat_smile:

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For the Trump campaign, recording a payment of hush money as a legal expense gets Trump charged, and everyone running around in circles foaming at the mouth. For the Clinton campaign, misreporting a payment for the Steele dossier gets a fine, swept under the rug by the media, and you called a conspiracy theorist and probably a MAGA insurrectionist if you bring it up.


Haven’t followed American politics for 2-3 years. Didn’t miss it at all.

Democrats, Republicans, how can you even take one side. All power-hungry hypocrites. What separates Trump from the rest is that he is an intellectually challenged power-hungry hypocrite.


What crime do you think he should be imprisoned for?

Does it, though? I’m not convinced Trump is “intellectually challenged”. He comes across as a buffoon, but I’m not sure he’s stupid as such. There have been several US presidents who quite obviously weren’t the sharpest tools in the box, but the nature of being POTUS is that it shines one hell of a spotlight on your deficiencies. You could be reasonably smart (which I think Trump probably is) and still make an almighty balls-up of being President. Jimmy Carter is probably the canonical example here.

In any case I don’t think the issue here is whether he was smart of not, but whether he committed crimes that are different to, or worse than, the crimes that the US government commits on a regular basis. The amusing part of the argument going on here, IMO, is that Trump was manipulated into permitting one of the greatest and most audacious crimes the planet has seen in living memory, probably with a judicious combination of flattery and induced self-doubt. Whatever trivial shenanigans Trump might have been up to on a personal level, the transfer of trillions of $ to the ultra-wealthy and the destruction of middle-class America (and remember that Trump was elected on a plaform of standing up for the average Joe) pales in comparison.

There have been people claiming that he is pretending to be dumb. Don’t think so, smart, yes, intellectual, no.

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