Trump loves golden... toilets

Trump has a golden shitter. If that’s not a fuck you to the system idk what is.

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Trump’s gold plated everything isn’t cool, nor is it a fuck you to the system (or anything else) - he loves that shit due to bad taste.


Oh so yew know what Trump thinks, huh?

Ever hear his stories of tipping NYC doormen? He’s a legend.

1 - I know he loves that shit, because obvious.
2 - I know it’s bad taste, because I don’t have the taste of a tin pot dictator.
3 - We gonna play that you don’t know it’s 100% super factual game, because that’s a fun conversation for everyone or something? Right after you imply that you know Trump’s gold shitter is a guck you to the system (how’s that even a fuck you to the system, btw?)? :smirk:


“I shit on things society values.” It’s not hard to decipher, but then again, I read a lot. :idunno:

Also, let’s assume I come here for a good conversation. If you want to argue righteousness, I’m sure someone will be along soon enough…

He was in his element in the “greed is good” version of 80s NYC - there’s no shitting on society’s values there, he was reveling in it, with all it’s gauche tackiness. He’s just stuck there.

It’s not righteousness, just pointing out that you’re taking issue with something you did immediately before. Go there or don’t, don’t matter to me, but don’t go there then make it a thing. ;D


I used to read about him in the NY Daily News almost every day on the way to school. Hated him since then :sweat_smile:

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Again, you actually think I give a shit.

Don’t you play options? Why? Job creation? Or to get rich quick.

ahhhh. the old Split-T formation, the original option plays

No, I don’t. I just don’t understand your “you know what he thinks?” comments after you telling me that he’s doing something as a fuck you to the system, as if you know what he thinks, then making an issue of it. :man_shrugging:

Get rich slow. ;D


Yeah, that’s called my opinion. I’ll stick by it. It’s nearly literary. And if I’m wrong, and how would one ever know, it just doesn’t matter.


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which is all cool, but why, when others share their opinion… ah fuckit. :wink:

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Opinions are meant to be pushed back against. But that’s my opinion. Snot like I’m saying all rich people are this or that. And, some opinions are better founded than others, don’t you think?

But if you like I can put a #jk or harhar after sillier trivialier posts. Harhar lmao /jk

Wasn’t the whole place covered in gold? Did he shit everywhere?

Another way to rebel is, of course, golden showers. Shame those tapes never materializes

The problem with reading a lot is Trump was on TV a lot

What’s this thread about, again?


Deflection apparently. Lmao

They didn’t exist, except in constant references like this. Now you’re going down into the toilet.

I said to myself one more toilet post and it gets a thread…


more accurately, they’re not proven to exist. :wink:


No, it’s moreso that he takes the Mcmansion approach to what culture is. Americanized sized portions of everything that screams wealth. It’s the Panamera or Purosangue of nice cars – if you go by the cash and performance alone, it’s a nice car, and it’s so expensive that yes, you can flip all those who mention how goddamn ugly it is the bird. Why have one appropriately sized pediment having, Doric-columned and architecturally matching portico (such as that at Monticello) when you’re rich enough that you can make it a stretched, double-columned void filled by a seemingly random mix of Tresor, Palladian, and large rectangular windows and a doorway with sidelights large enough to light an auditorium and then – just to top it all off – throw an immense pediment on top because you can. And maybe build towers on both sides of it, because that one contemporary Victorian house you grew up near had one and hey, that was a fancy building.

It’s not an overthrow of societal values that he includes incongruous and silly details such as a golden toilet. It’s an all to common representation of excessive wealth to go to excess. And if you’re not willing to see Mcmansions or many other rich and famous Americans’ houses for the vanity they plainly represent and instead choose to project individualistic rebellious behavior onto it, you’re a tad off the point.

Might just end the post on this. Houses of some of those Rich Men North of Richmond that the entire USA won’t shut up about recently:

(Full disclosure one of these might be Richmond Canada)

What he’s doing is a fuck you for sure – and whether he’s aware of that fact or not – but it’s well within the bad taste of the financially rich but culturally poor. It’s not a fuck you too the system, it’s a fuck you to those too poor to be respected while making fun of it, because, well, you couldn’t afford a golden toilet, could you? He’s so rich he doesn’t have to care.

It is however very funny