Trump stealing the 2020 Election

I agree that there’s no point in presenting facts or evidence, but for kicks I’ll point out that here is the fatal flaw in what’s left of your analysis.

He didn’t win by coindidence; he won because the EC vote agreed in the aggregate with the population of 2016 US voters who wanted the US to change course dramatically from the course set by former President Obama and the changes candidate Hillary Clinton promised to bring to the nation.

Two advisers to Trump, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations, said that the president disliked the coverage Powell was receiving from Fox News host Tucker Carlson and others and that several allies had reached out to say she had gone too far. The advisers also said she fought with Giuliani and others in recent days.

“She was too crazy even for the president,” a campaign official said.

Let’s give a chance for Sidney Powell’s defenders to step in :popcorn:

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They’re unusually quiet today, aren’t they? :thinking:

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Eerily quiet.


Maybe the calm before the storm.

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Trump lost. He’s not lurking in your closet anymore or hiding under your bed. Time to move on.

Don’t you think Trump should move on first? There’s still active court cases, and a lot of pressure being applied to local state legislators and officials in charge of certifying the election results.

Trump is firing blanks.

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Democrats are the one who are nuts and have no common lol yeah.


That would be a quarter of all who voted then!
75% think Biden is the winner.
79.854.160 voted for Biden
73.801.371 voted for Trump
That makes Biden the winner, I`d say.

He is not giving up, is he?
Are there still people buying into his crap?

Diaper Donny needs a wipe, his ass seems to be itching.

He reminds me of a ex German leader who didn’t want to give up long after he lost.

Lol. I don’t think it’s going to end that cleanly for the Republicans.

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These are the surrogates trying to overturn the election. This wouldn’t be acceptable in a job interview, let alone a court of law.

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Oh look… another completely sane witness to fraud. :joy:

By the cascade of second-hand embarassment, they’re definitely working on a parody of House of Cards or some kind of weird hillbilly family reality show.

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