Trump vs. the Deep State


That was legally voted in ? You mean that one. Or were you hoping for a re-vote if you don’t agree with the winner ? Like the EU and Ireland ?:wink:


Yes another referendum, got the job done unlike the complete shambles in the UK right now. People make mistakes, are misinformed, change their minds. It’s called democracy.
At least the US will have another go at it in a couple of years.
Russians will be waiting…


That is Democracy !! Make your choice, if you lose , vote them out next time.


The evil empire died when the berlin wall came down.
It was just stupid Bush 1 that allowed NATO to suddenly move “east” and take on old Warsaw Pact countries as members, like a pinzer movement on Russia. Russia’s 20mn deaths in WW2 were still fresh in its mind with this NATO action.
There was no need for that, nor should Wall Street have been allowed to strip Russia of its assets under Yeltsin’s quick “fire-sale to the foreigners” policy. I could go on, but then it’d be a PhD level course of Russian history.


Eh that was my point.


Putin for President 2020!
да мы можем


Errr…Referenda rules are a one off choice, as was made clear . Not best of 3 or similar. Were you unaware that Putin is messing everywhere to cause chaos? That Soros is messing everywhere to cause chaos? I know you are fully aware !
Many of these recent “Nationalistic” gains are not just because Voters are Racist or stupid, but probably because they simply do not agree that “Globalism” is always a good thing for them.


The cartoon president is working out reasonably well so far.

He who laughs last laughs best.


The Orange Man is winging it. What he’s doing to the kids ain’t right though.
But he still won’t own up to his own decisions, none of 'em. ‘There’s two sides…’.
It’s pathetic.


That does not infer that there was no interference BTW


If you’re still buying that narrative at this point in time, all I can really tell you is…I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.


Yeah it’s obvious as hell what they were doing.
Hacking shit left right and center and setting up meetings with lobbyists and folks connected to the candidates.

You think this is a mystery.
They did the same all over Europe too. America ain’t special. But the reaction of ‘Putin love’ is kinda special.:heart_eyes:


That’s been going on for decades and decades. And the effect on the election results? A rounding error.


Literally multiple ongoing court cases in regards to the Russian interference but I read on some orange moron’s Twitter that it’s a witch hunt… so there’s that.


What a good look at Putin reminds us of is that Russia was Russia before, during and after the Soviet Union. It’s all just rebranding. A Czar by any other name is still a Czar.

Reagan won Cold War One, and Yeltsin was right to have a fire sale, because the store was going out of business. But the end of the Soviet Union was not the end of the Russian threat, because the birth of the Soviet Union was not the beginning of the Russian threat.

The democracy didn’t take.

But no, they didn’t rig the US election… not for Trump, anyway.


Turned your whole election process into a scrap down the back of the sheds.
Shredded it. Then threw it in the dumpster and lit a fire to it. It’s still smouldering.
He’s laughing.

Invite to the G8 'n everything!


A rounding error.


The election was held, everybody cast their votes, a winner was declared. The effect of Russia on the election results: nil. The effect of your cute Putin memes on the election results: less than nil.


He’s a villain, but he’s not a supervillain.

Try reading fewer comic books.


Knew the Putin images were making an impact. They are inexhaustible like the man himself!

G8 G8 G8 !!!