Trump vs. the Deep State


He does have a certain flair, but it doesn’t really translate well in countries that have actual elections.


Get a room.


Rowland finally broke, one Putin image too many . Everybody has their breaking point Rowland, even you.

I dare you.


I hear that was a huge hit in Japan, but not, apparently, in the U.S.


Yeah people are too busy bitching at each other in the US these days.


It’s called democracy. :wink:


Wasn’t so nasty before .


It’s been nastier.

For example, Abraham Lincoln really stirred up the hornet’s nest.


Pushed off the radar by that bright, shiny think-of-the-children thing:


I think that the whole Paradigm is shifting Worldwide. Soros and supporters , in spite of investing billions are losing badly. It has changed from Left vs. Right, as was, to Nationalists versus Globalists. There are many reasons for this but Denmark ( the one always shown as an example of Globalism ), Poland, Italy, Czech Rep, Slovenia,Austria, UK,Germany,Holland,Sweden,Greece, even France and the US are moving much further away from Globalism and towards the right.


Both nationalism and globalism have unsavory pasts. Globalism started as a reaction to the excesses of nationalism. Like most reactions, it became an overreaction, and led to equal and opposite excesses.

Perhaps a new centrism can emerge in this new political axis. Perhaps a president who understands business can discover it.

This requires that doctrinaire globalism be widely recognized for what it is: an extreme position. The Overton Window is shifting. Where it ends up will define the center.


Escorted out, but not to a waiting paddy wagon…

These things either happen all at once, or not at all. I wondering if the think-of-the-children faux outrage was timed to divert attention from the real news going on here.

In related news, it seems Bubbette was never formally under investigation. That means she was never cleared…


It’s about time for a thread about "Trump v. immigrant toddlers.
Mexican toddlers infesting white supremacist America.


You’re welcome to submit your screenplay to the Hollywood studios. Good luck!


I dare you to start the thread.


Nope. No bias here…

But I had to link this because:

Gotta love that choice of words.

She still hasn’t gotten over it, by the way.


While everyone is distracted by the latest bright shiny outrage, things are moving fast on this front…

Certain people are gonna be in cages, perhaps.


This seems a strange move , especially with the fuss made afterwards?


I hope he did do this. lol. Would be classic for the history books.


Wait…AOL still exists? :astonished: