Trustworthy? Inn Apartments Taipei

Looking to rent from Inn apartments Taipei (I don’t know if I can put a link here incase it looks like promotion).

Has anyone heard of them or rented from them? Are they trustworthy? Im an exchange student staying short term so my options are veerryyy limited

Looks like for NT$30,000, you can get a windowless room in a shared apartment.

Also, either they made up the American guy and his testimonial, the American guy has no idea how to speak comprehensible English, or they did an awful job of transferring what he said onto their website. From the testimonial:

Favorite Taiwanese cuisine: the beef noodle!

“The beef noodle”? Not “beef noodles” (no “the” and remembering to add “-s”?). I don’t think I’ve ever even met anyone in Taiwan that thinks “the” goes in front of “beef noodles”.


“I’d always get very timely responses by the INN-Taipei staff. Which means from 9 am to 7 pm, I think it’s the window, which is so quiet long. They have that long of a ten hours a day you can ask questions.”

Yes, because it’s important to draw attention to the “quiet long” time you can contact staff in a serviced apartment (which is technically a hotel, which you should be getting 24 hour service for), but he’s happy that “They have that long of a ten hours a day you can ask questions.” Yes, definitely a real person…

Just based on the poor English of their (I’m assuming) fake American’s reviews, I’d look elsewhere. Then add to that if they have a fake American on there, what else is fake? It’s like they’re using a failure-in-all-ways-but-marketing franchised cram school in Taiwan’s methods to promote housing for foreigners…

Edit here instead of editing everything else in the post: I watched the video and the “fake American” appears to be a real person who speaks like any other random American thrown in front of a camera to talk about themself. But, given what he said in the video, I’m even more inclined to believe that he didn’t write any of the written text in his testimonial.


I’m really disappointed there’s not more of those English testimonials on the website. :laughing:


Stay in a proper reputable hotel or hostel with government license.

Never rent from abroad, never pay before you get here.

The key word in Taiwan is convenient. If it is not convenient, do not rent.

Where are you going to study? We might be able to make suggestions based on location.

Oh and the dates are very important. Lunar New Year is coming.

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NTNU! I feel so embarrassed seeing the other comments I didn’t even realise how sketchy it looked… i’ve already been advised not to put any money down so hearing the comments in this thread i’ll be sure not to now! Thank you! My goal was to find a place with a private bathroom but i’m not sure how feasible that is in that area around NTNU to be honest

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And the dates? If it is close to LNY it’s going to be harder.

Look for a hotel/hostel/Airbnb in Dingxi/Zhonghe, Ximenting or even green line from Gongguan to Xindian. Around NTNU is is way too expensive and/or dingy.

Avoid Wanhua area. Too far into Heping West road is also problematic.