Trying to find a girl I met in 2015

I met a girl who is from Taiwan around March 2015 (I think). She was traveling in the U.S. we met in Alaska where I was working in tourism and going to school. We had a short lived relationship, she took a week of her time to stay with me in my apartment in Anchorage. It ended friendly when she went back home however I very unceremoniously ended contact, we kept up through email and I lost access to the school email I used to contact her. Never wrote down her contact info.

In my idiotic youth, I should have prioritized getting her contact info, or supplied her with my new contact info but I lacked the emotional maturity to make it a priority, she was so far away. I feel like a terrible sub-human person for having done that, she even expressed fears that I would stop contacting her… and I did.

I feel a massive debt to her, and there is need for an apology because I think I may have really hurt her by not getting in touch with her. I didn’t accept my responsibility in the relationship, and she worked very hard for my affection. She deserved so much better that what I gave.

I know very vague details about her, just her first name, she speaks damn near perfect English, and some details about her career path at the time and other tidbits. Nothing useful like the city she is from or birthdate or anything like that. She may not even live in Taiwan anymore, she expressed interest in possibly living in New York…

Any suggestions?

Yes. Move on.

It’s been 5 and a half years. It’s weird to hold a candle that long for someone you didn’t know that well or dated for a very short time. Do you want to apologize because you have a crush on her and want to reinsert yourself into her life… or do you have guilt over how you treated her and want absolution and forgiveness? In either event, it seems a little selfish to think you played that huge a part in her life and that your impact on her would still matter after 5 plus years. Consider that you might make things more complicated and painful for her than actually resolving any lingering feelings on her part. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just let the person from your past stay in the past and let them lead their life.

Besides all that, how is anyone supposed to find this person based on that super vague info that could apply to thousands of different women here? Check out Facebook or Instagram I guess, if you’re really determined to seek her out (which I think is a bad idea as I said).


She probably doesn’t even remember you by now.


FB. All Taiwanese are on FB. But you need more than a first name! Maybe search in English. If she speaks English so well, it’s possible her name used on FB will be in English. Couple this with the most common last names in Taiwan and maybe, just maybe…

Or LinkedIn if you can combine this with an area of work. I don’t remember what kind of info you can plug into search fields. Again, maybe this would work.

And while I agree with the other comments, I can also relate in some ways. One person I was very bad to. With another, we had a fling for a few months (this was way before I got married). We agreed to meet again at a certain place on a certain date years down the road. I never went. I’m pretty sure she didn’t either.


Or maybe she just remembers him as “that asshole”.


If that’s what you want to call it… :laughing:

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Who da fuk are you? Ethan Hawke?

Also she might still be there waiting.



All I’ve got is a first name too. Hey OP, I’m watching this thread now very closely.

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I managed to track down the most beautiful girl I ever went out with. Half Irish half Maori. A stunning wahine/colleen. 30 years later she’s a middle aged housewife living in Naenae.

The thrill is gone.


this thread gonna turn into a “I wish I coulda shoulda woulda”


I used to do this a lot. Now much less so. People need to stop dwelling on past mistakes and regrets. We spend so much time agonizing over things we have no way of changing (unless you’re Marty McFly and in possession of a modified DeLorean). Just use them as life lessons, so you don’t repeat said mistakes.


Leave her alone. It sounds like you blew your chance with her the first time around. I doubt she’d ever want to see you again. :yawning_face:


Harsh, but fair.

Haha wow, Naenae of all places.

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Hi. Try and use machine learning algorithms to your advantage.
If you had common friends, common school, common anything:

create new social network accounts and JUST add the people that might know her or are related to her. Then keep scrolling through the algorithm suggestions trying to find her, and keep adding people that you think will lead you closer to her.

Also, write her first name here and see if people provide you with the alternatives for her name in chinese.

Second alternative:
write to your school tell them its imperative you your emails back. Ask for any possible information, even meta info like just the addressess, if they dont have the actual emails.

Third alternative:
Dating sites. Write your preferences. Narrow her down as much as possible and keep browsing. Switch locations to the ones she might be in.


Stalk much? :laughing:


Damn. Now I’ve got the absolutely worst earworm.

But what if after all that it turns out she’s a middle aged housewife living in Sanchong?




Ah, that’s better. Problem of bad earworm is gone now. Like the thrill.