Tucker Carlson

Lol, I guess not anymore

Hey if you’re gonna say funny racist and homophobic things, do stand up…for now.




Is anyone surprised? Hopefully they all join Bill O’Reilly in a nice, premature retirement (while awaiting any pending charges of course).

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Tucker’s “on a pre-planned vacation” now.

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We thought it was a TV station with a sexual harassment problem.

It turns out it was a sexual harassment guild with a broadcasting arm.

Lurking Canadian(screen name) on Lawyers, Guns, and Money

I suppose some people might fail to see it coming.

Perhaps Pedophile Lives Matter will be the new anthem.

“Vigilante violence was always one of my greatest worries about the present moment,” tweeted Blake Hounshell, the editorial director for the politics website Politico. “And here we have a prominent TV host - a man who had the president’s ear - excusing it, rationalizing it.”

God forbid we rationalize something!

Silence higher cognitive functions! Did he excuse it, really? I can understand the week or so of anger and even some of the anti-property violence after Floyd ODed while getting arrested. But that doesn’t mean I excuse it…does it?

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  • A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against Fox News this week after lawyers for the network argued that no “reasonable viewer” would take the network’s primetime star Tucker Carlson seriously.



A better question would be why only $150,000. That’s Trump change.

Michael Moore beat a rap the same way.

I don’t think anyone considers him a journalist.
Alex Jones also used this argument

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A journalist is some ignoramus who went to J-school to learn to be a hack.

I heard there are some pretty good courses in Langley Virginia.


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