Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson making way more sense here than this hack or any of his ilk.

Tucker Carlson making very little sense here

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People who hate democracy:
Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine.
Xi Jinping wants to invade Taiwan.
Tucker wants to invade Canada.

I think he is serious. Better call the CMP. Tucker is as dangerous as Xi right now.

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Didn’t his lawyers argue he’s not to be taken seriously? I thought this was entertaining!

That’s Royal CMP, BTW :melting_face:

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Huh, isn’t democracy about having your own opinion and not being afraid to express it? Maybe that’s freedom. I conflate the two at times.

After Harry and Andrew, they don’t want to be associated with the royals

Sorry. People of Royal blood

Oh. You’d think people who can put up with these pants could put up with anything!

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They didn’t even let him do a farewell episode. He must have really pissed off the Murdochs and it’s no doubt connected to the Dominion suit. Maybe it was even one of their terms for a settlement.


Lots of questions!

Why would they kill the goose that lays the golden egg? Ratings will tank without him.

It is odd.

And…things are happening fast… :open_mouth:

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Good. Purge both extremes. Different sides of the same toxic coin.


Tucker will find a new home quickly I’m sure. Don on the other hand seems toxic at this point. Maybe he can go back to regional news?

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Media is preparing for war escalation.

Not so sure. Maybe they gave him a nice severance in exchange for a non-compete clause.

I don’t think FOX wants him immediately popping up on some competitor’s site, especially upstarts trying to bite into their ratings such as NewsMax.


I’m not a big fan of Tucker, but it would interesting to see him go independent and do YouTube or something like that.

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