TW-based acrobat falls and breaks neck, needs help for evacuation


Someone sent me this video and said it’s a foreigner acrobat in Taiwan who broke her neck from this fall due to bad equipment. I don’t know anything else?


The caption says “Acrobat falls from rig at Finn’s beach club, Bali”, and that looks right in the video.


That would appear to be the other Bali.


Yes, exactly :slight_smile: Don’t recall a beach club at ours.


She’s getting flown back to Taipei, according to the gofundme link I saw somebody had posted for her.

Edit: Here’s the link


This is why I never visit amusement parks/use recreational equipment in 3rd world countries.


hoRRIBLE. Safety nets are a MUST. That vid was painful to see. it wasn’t her fault at all. The ring just came down and in a horrible way. And the people are abject amateurs attending to her. HEr neck must be stablized and not moved around.

it will be a miracle (and i am hoping for one) for her to not be paralyzed by this.


I heard she’s lived here for a long time. Yeah on FB a lot of TW people who know her and her husband are sharing. Her name’s Sam Panda, as can be seen in the GoFundMe link.


She’ll be flown back if USD 40,000 is raised is the gist of it. Only Singapore and Taipei have the facilities for the operations she needs. If you’ve got a spare 10 or 20 USD earn yourself some karma.


I’ll just say this, that’s not the proper way to move someone with a neck injury. If you are not trained in any kind of medical assistance, don’t touch someone that needs medical treatment! Most patients with neck or spine injuries become much worse due to being moved improperly than it could have been.

To the untrained, do not attempt to move a patient if …

  1. They are leaking clear (or transparent white) fluids from their ears.
  2. They sustained a neck or spine injury.
  3. They sustained a traumatic head injury – unless it has been confirmed their skull is not cracked and you provide proper head support when being moved.

Just stay with the injured person and call medical assistance. There was one case a year or so ago that I recall where the patient suffered a spinal injury, their friend put her into their passenger seat and drove to the hospital. All the movement and bouncing around essentially severed her spine and made her paralyzed from what she could’ve otherwise recovered from.

Also, just another piece of minor advice. Try to avoid swarming the injured person. There was one case I’ll try to keep vague … An innocent civilian was accidentally crushed by a tank while chilling in his truck. So many people surrounded this person trying to help them that it made the medical professionals jobs that much harder, especially when everyone wants to try throwing in their two cents. Stay at a distance, if they need help they’ll say so.


Yeah when getting the CPR and AED certification. Basically they said in most cases. Your best bet is to not touch the person and call the paramedics. Your chances of saving someone that actually needs CPR is already super low. But your chances of doing it on someone who doesn’t need it and doing a lot of damage is really high.

Just stay with the person if it’s safe to be there, don’t also put yourself in a position to get hurt and make it harder with 2 people they need to save. Give them space and call the ambulance.


Sad situation all around.


More news about her , hopefully will bring about the needed 40k to fly her to treatment.


Her employer, Finn’s Beach Club, should be sued. That she performed such a dangerous act without them providing suitable insurance is pretty negligent.


I do not think the laws of Indonesia require such nonsense.


Indonesia certainly has laws, but recent high profile cases over there have reinforced perceptions of banana republicanism, so… :tumble:


It’s kinda scary 40k is preventing someone from getting surgery that gives them a chance to not be crippled for life.

So basically if me and my family don’t have the money and I wasn’t really social for the go fund me page to take off. I would basically just have a doctor say, sorry. We could make you better. But we won’t because you don’t have the money so you’re probably never going to have a normal life.


NHI doesn’t cover it? It says she is based in Taiwan, so I would assume she has ARC or APRC of some sort.

Edit: TDM article has her based in Bali. (TDM is about as trustworthy as Alex Jones)


The 40k may be to charter a plane for medical cared flight. I don’t know if she’s cleared for a commercial flight in her condition.

She lives in Taiwan. I don’t know her personally, but we have similar friend circles.


Oh. Got it.