TW-based acrobat falls and breaks neck, needs help for evacuation


Actually I’m probably wrong. Bali to taipei is like 5 hours. No chartered flight for 5 hours could possibly be only 40k.

Edit, actually I’m apparently wrong. That’s where the money is going to. i guess she could take a really small propeller plane. For 5 hours with medical care, I think she probably needs a larger plane, small planes probably top out at 4-5 hours flight fuel. So I guess 40k with a smaller plane with 6-7hour fuel tank could be 40k.


If they charge by the hour, and with med pros on board. Maybe have to pay for people to fly there and back. So, I guess you could be right.

I have heard private/chartered flights in the US, like from NY to LA can easily run over 10k.

The moral of the story is, and not meaning to take a dig at Indonesia, but do not go to developing nations and do crazy stuff.

Edit: 10k/hr


Depends on the plane. You can charter a entire decked out 777 for over 100k an hour.


Better be one hell of a flight!


That fall looks really bad. If she came down in almost any other position she’d probably be fine. But the base of the neck is literally the worst area for an impact like that. Hopefully she’s able to walk again.


Well they’ve reached the 40,000 goal in the gofund so that’s some good news there. My understanding is that is the fee for a medivac after which her medical insurance should kick in.


Great news. I think many medivac planes are like small jets. They charge by the mission.

THought I read she could get the surgery in Singapore or Taiwan? Singapore will be a lot closer to Bali. But perhaps she has family in Taiwan that can provide a lot of care and thus the expenses balance out?
And perhaps 5 hours to Taipei or 2.5 hours to Singapore for the Medivac may not be all that differently priced?

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I feel horrible for what happened to her, but considering that she is an experienced, professional acrobat I wonder why she didn’t think of that herself. I would file this under the same category as tourists on ATVs in the Philippines or on jet-skis in Thailand. Bad things happen in countries without safety culture.

Actually it’s pretty negligent of her not have proper insurance, especially as this is her career and her livelihood depends on it. She is very lucky to have friends and supporters to chip in.

I hope she gets well soon and can continue her career. But this should serve as a warning to everyone 1) not to trust promises of your client/employer regarding insurance coverage without checking yourself 2) blindly relying on equipment in certain countries.


No. NHI does not cover medical evacuation from abroad by chartered plane. No, not even for Taiwanese.

My private insurance does cover that as a premium, so even private it is a choice.


It is not only the jet, jet fuel and pilot costs. It is the renting of the medical equipment inside, plus nurses and even doctor who flies with the patient.


American acrobat desperately needs medevac to Taiwan after breaking neck from 13-foot fall in Bali


You’re so late on this thread, that we’ve already had a thread about this for a few days (literally just below this one) and she’s already gotten the money for her medivac.


Some updates here. Seems she’s not been cleared to fly yet


Just FYI, that article is behind a paywall.


Yeah I can’t get to it even through Google News now. A few things were that the club owner, a rich Australian Tony Smith, is getting some heat for not paying to fly her out. They have the funds now, but her condition has worsened and she’s not been cleared to fly. She’s not paralyzed and can move her arms and legs, but she’s not strong enough to stand or walk and they’re worried that if she’s not treated soon inflammation in the spine could cause lasting damage.

Photo from the article:



100 US dollars would have gotten her proper medical insurance for her trip, it includes repatriation and all hospital bills plus expenses for a friend/relative accompanying. Gofundme seems to be the new “insurance” scheme people rely on.

If you’re going on a trip, get insurance, it’s not expensive and you can apply online from the comfort of your armchair.


Very good news she’s not paralyzed (I thought for sure she’d be a quadriplegic). Very troubling news she’s not being treated to the full extent she can to prevent further harm.


I think it’s a little harsh to call it a “scheme.” But yes, if she had exercised just a little foresight and took some minor precautions she wouldn’t have been in such a mess… and that does seem to be a recurring theme for most of these “I’m stranded in a foreign country with a medical issue and can’t get out” gofundme campaigns.


Yeah I really felt uncomfortable donating to this.


She wasn’t on a “trip”. She was working in Bali. I think people are being a bit presumptuous in their criticisms. She believed her employer had provided insurance. Although for sure in hindsight she would probably have exercised greater “due diligence”. But everyone is guilty of sins of omission from time to time.