TW-based acrobat falls and breaks neck, needs help for evacuation


Firstly i wish her a full recovery

Then i really hope she has the power to sue the beach club.
I also dont understand the insurance policy here. In my country the insurance still need to pay fully for the treatment and then the insurance would deal with the beach club, respectevly its owner.
After all the money involved here isn’t that much (from the insurance company’s perspective)


A greedy self-serving uncooperative SE Asian resort owner???
What’s next, a pirate who steals??

Anywayzers, it’s good that she got the work done she needed and that she’ll be OK.


There should be a total boycott of Finn’s.


Aussie mate but who’s checkin.


“SE Asian” referring to the resort, not the owner, Forrest.:roll:
And I ain’t your “mate”

Of course, they’re ALL Ozzboes, that goes without saying.
Except for Rodman’s dad, which is kind of worse than being Australian.


Welll ahh, uhm… ah. .whatever.


Yeah, a boycott of this place is definitely in order. Not that I would have gone there in the first place. Places next to the beach with huge swimming pools don’t make any sense to me.


Yeah but you can’t beat the live acrobat show


Yes to the boycott but . uhh. big swimming pools right next to the beach? Let’s see. The 4 seasons Kona that we just spent our belated honeymoon at had a big large swimming pool right next to the ocean, several large pools in fact. And the Halekulane (spelling?) in Honolulu had a very nice pool right next to the ocean in Waikiki.

And to be honest, it was much nicer swimming in the pools because the ocean was rough, dangerous due to currents and jellyfish and sea urchins and what not at the 4 seasons. The ocean at the halekulane was better but still there was a side ways current there that dissuaded most from venturing in any distance. And the pool was a known thing. No sharks, no jellyfish , no stepping on sea urchins. So yes, it makes total sense.


OK, Mr. Landlubber. Hey everybody, let’s go to the beach! So we can swim in a pool and choke on chlorine and toddler pee… To each his own, of course. I’m sure the water near the beach is full of raw sewage, so it’s probably an even bet.


Well the waters off the halekulani was ah. a bit not as nice. But the waters off the 4 seasons at Kona was pristine. Just rough. But pristine waters. And besides learn to swim with your head above water at all times.


Its a huge operation there. Big name DJs regularly playing, Macy Gray played recently. They’re acting very quickly to remove any negative social media posts.




Who? Is she a terrorist?


I guess I believe you, I mean, I do, but, I don’t know, man, do people still “go to Bali”?? Didn’t that get left behind in the 90s?


Apparently, lots of Aussies are stuck in the 90s.



Good catch. I was going to book her for my friend’s bat mitzvah. Guess I’ll call Milli Vanilli instead.


Ace of Base not available?


Ace of Base without Jenny Ace just aren’t the same.