TW fishing boat attacked close to the Philippines, Part II

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The previous report about PCG personnels laughing while firing at the Taiwanese fishing boat is now rebuffed by PCG commander Balilo.

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[quote]According to Balilo, "laughing" and "smiling" are completely different. "As we all know, they do not have the same meanings," he said.[/quote]

PCG were merely smiling.

PHL, Taiwan agree on exact location of shooting incident … g-incident

[googlemaps]19.983333333333334, 122.91666666666667[/googlemaps] … =8&iwloc=A

[quote]Philippine and Taiwanese investigators have agreed on the exact location where the fatal shooting of a Taiwanese fisherman allegedly poaching in disputed waters in northern Philippines happened on May 9.

National Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Virgilio Mendez told reporters there was “no argument” as to the exact coordinates where the incident happened.[/quote]

by the way, I love that the news kept all the tagalog words Deputy Director Mendez used.

magandang <- ma turns something into a verb. g-um-andá becomes beautiful, so ma-ganda-ng turns beautiful into a verb, and then ng modified it into a adjective?.. dunno, language skill limited. Using my already very limited Taiwanese aboriginal language knowledge on a very common Tagalog word…

it looks like it’s more in the middle and not as close to the philippines as initially reported. so this is smack dab in the middle of the overlapping economic zones between the two countries, right?

I wouldn’t say that. The 2 islands to the northwest to that point are part of Batanes, the northernmost province of the Philippines. As someone pointed out in Part I of this thread - the Batanes islands fall within Taiwan’s EEZ, just like how TAICHUNG(!) falls within the Philippines’ EEZ

The closest island is a tiny island named Balintang. It looks like the event took place about 30 nautical miles east of the island (so not Philippine territorial waters, but apparently the Philippine side have very little concern what the rest of the world considered territorial waters). Anyway you slice it, this is a very said event. Pongso no Tao (Lanyu) is so close, and they speak the same Ivatan language as the people in the Batanes. Both sides frequently visits one antoher until World War 2…

Probably me. That’s more reason to conduct fishery talks. I was reading Filipino news regarding fishery talks, apparently they had something similar to an agreement back in 1991, but was invalidated under Chinese pressure by 1998.

I wouldn’t say that. The 2 islands to the northwest to that point are part of Batanes, the northernmost province of the Philippines. As someone pointed out in Part I of this thread - the Batanes islands fall within Taiwan’s EEZ, just like how TAICHUNG(!) falls within the Philippines’ EEZ[/quote]

how can taichung fall within philippines eez when it’s right in the middle of taiwan country??

i think it’s laughable that china thinks she owns the entire south china sea. just because it has the word “china” in it!! i think philippines has bigger fish to fry than with taiwan.

While the Philippines has to worry a lot more about china, Taiwan also claims to own the entire south China sea.

also, since the batanes are slightly farther north than the midline of the Luzon strait, meaning the bashi channel is shorter than the combined distance of balintang channel and babuyan channel , therefore the maximum extent of the Philippines EEZ cuts deep into the surrounding waters of taiwan. At the same time, Taiwan’s maximum EEZ only reaches the northern tip of Luzon.

yea but china actually aims to take over the south china seas. taiwan is just talk and no action.

Taiwan is building an airport on the only island with fresh water in the Spratly,

ok let me restate this more clearly: china is actually militarily capable of taking over the south china seas; taiwan isnt.

News from Manila Bulletin: Video on Balintang shooting likely tampered – NBI source

Facepalm. The headline should read: Philippines government incompetence comes to light, nobody surprised

no need even for a facepalm. you’d have to be totally clueless not to expect this. like duuuuuh.

no new information except a few articles on the Hung family filing murder charges.

but I find this editorial, which doesn’t discussing the incident, but rather mentions it, pretty entertaining.

In his bashing of President Aquino, he bashes Reagan just for fun XD

That was enough to make me forgive his line about Taiwan being a Chinese province

by the way, didn’t know Philippines passed their version of SOPA…

Philippine Daily Inquirer: [color=#0000FF]NBI: Philippine coast guards liable[/color]

(1) NBI recommended criminal charges against Filipino coast guards
(2) PCG’s claim of fishing boat attempting to ram is [color=#FF0000]disproved[/color].

The report/source said the incident took place in Philippines’ territory even though 79.2 kilometers is outside of 12 nautical-mile territorial water (~22 km). It seems like most Filipinos can’t tell the difference between territorial waters (12 NM) and exclusive economic zone (200 NM).

Second retired US Coast Guard cutter entering service with Phil Navy. … m-us-to-ph

The Phil govt plans to spend one billion US dollars to buy ships for its Navy. So that it can be a force to reckon with in future naval disputes.

IF an agreement is not panned out between TW and the Philippines. In the future we could potentially see TW Navy retired American warships against Phil Navy retired American warships facing each other off in the seas between Taiwan and the Philippines.

That’s surely would be an face-palm moment, and I can already hear the Chinese’s snarling laughter.

It’s great the Philippine is upping its game though. With both nations working together, there’s a chance to keep the Chinese at bay.

According to that news article, this is the weapon that killed Hung. Coast guard version of M14