Two foreigners (Philippine & Canadian) getting married in Taiwan (2018-04)

Sorry, I don’t remember. His case was pretty messed up.
But, I think if your wife has a work contract, she shouldn’t apply for a marriage visa. She should, if she doesn’t yet, have the school apply for a work permit and get a visa, than an ARC, based on that. It is possible for her to enter as your spouse and then get a work permit and change her status later, but that’s not the right way to do it if she’s planning to work and it will delay her starting her job. She can’t work legally if she is here as your dependent.
Short answer: get a visa as a teacher, not spouse.

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These threads might help some. Nationality of the OP of the threads gave extra bureaucratic snags, but he solved them eventually.

a foreigner on blue collar work based ARC cannot change one’s resident status within Taiwan.