Typhoon! 2004 - Part 2

To those who had days off from work in the past due to typhoons, was it with or without pay?

During the last typhoon our HR guy informed me that I got paid because I was handling e-mails and other work from home, but apparently others in the office didn’t get paid for their day off. My wife tell’s me that’s illegal. Not that I’m complaining. I’m happy with my employer, just curious what the law says and how many employers observe it.

I work for the Taiwan government. Full-time employee I am. I got paid.

I think it might depend on whether one is monthly or hourly paid. Most of the guys I know working for bushibans don’t get paid on typhoon days…almost like a no work, no pay agreement. They are paid by the hour, and only for hours actually taught. Kinda unfair I would say. I mean, it’s not like they have a choice!

The Taipei City government will announce at 10 o’clock tonight whether schools and government offices in the city will be closed tomorrow. I reckon they almost certainly will be.

Hey, now that we’ve got a part 2, anybody want to post that website with a county-by-county list of government announced typhoon days? Lazy minds want to know… don’t make me look through the other thread!

And yes, it has just been confirmed that schools and government offices in Taipei will be closed tomorrow, as will those in Ilan, Hualien and Taoyuan.


… here’s the site, in Chinese though … it’s the Central Personnel Administration’s site, an agency of the Executive Yuan. Xpet.

Thanks go out to Ma Ying Jeou for announcing that there’s no work or school tomorrow!

Bleh… I’m working… along with another Forumosan. :stuck_out_tongue:

RCSS 241050Z 251212Z 09015KT 3500 RA SCT004 BKN008 OVC030
TEMPO 1224 10020G35KT
BECMG 0002 10030G45KT 0800 SHRA SCT003 BKN005 OVC025
TEMPO 0212 10040G55KT

Forecast between 0200 and 1200pm on Monday shows that we will have 40kt winds, gusting to 55kts with showers and rain.

The forecast was taken from Shungshan airport. but is only valid for 12 hours and is updated every 3 hours, so it could change…

It may get more serious after 12pm on monday.

I’m thinking we might have a ‘two day’ day off if it takes a while for the typhoon to make it’s turn north east. ehhhhhh just wishful thinking. :wink:

Here’s a warning based on what happened to two guys I know last typhoon.

Check the drain on your balcony/rooftop. If it gets blocked by a plastic bag or something, it could flood.


and caulk up likely places for said water to get in

Don’t forget to put the cat out.

It’s also advisable to keep your mobile phone handy. If you have a power cut or the phones otherwise become disabled a mobile phone can be helpful, if not a lifesaver (a text message has been shown to save lives) should a typhoon leave you in a nasty situation.
It is imperative that you keep your mobile phone in a safe place which is easily accessible and above all, dont lose it.


Given the choice between sitting here contemplating the wind and rain, and earning some money doing something I enjoy, I know what I’d rather be doing. What’s with you guys? Why this obsession with days off?

I have to agree with stragbasher. It’s 8am and I have no idea what i’m going to do today.

I like days off when there is a holiday and I can go outside and enjoy it a bit, but I have a feeling today is going to be boooooooring! What can you really do when it’s pissing out like this? Guess i’ll start drinking.

Crap. This is already worse than last time. Bloody storm woke me up at about 6:30am by tearing a window guard half off and banging it against the side of the building until 8:45, when the wind tore it the rest of the way off.

Not even I’m crazy enough to go in today. :frowning:

I have been staring out the window and watching the World Series. The wind and rain is pretty intense in YangMingShan. A lot of broken branches but no serious damage yet. (knock on wood)

They called a day off for THIS??? I’ve seen worse back in the States during hurricane season on a regular basis. This is nothing but a bad windy day with a little bit of rain.


A hurricane is a typhoon by another name. The authorities have a duty to consider the whole island, not just your window-view of the world. Heavy flooding, landslides and casualties are already happening.