Typhoon 2007 Part II

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Another one may be on its way, folks. She’s Krosa.

Why, oh why, do they always come on weekends?

[quote=“Dragonbones”]Another one may be on its way, folks. She’s Krosa.

Krosa that what? The last one? That was pretty damn close if you ask me.

krosa to you then to me (sorry couldnt resist) maybe it will give taiwan a miss?

krosa to you then to me (sorry couldnt resist) maybe it will give taiwan a miss?

Around lunch time I saw the news and they were already telling people to prepare for a huge typhoon, store water and stuff … panic!!!

The current forecast has 95-knot winds with gusts up to 115 knots on Sunday (medium typhoon). But it’s still quite early, and a slight northerly deviation would make this a non-event. No need for panic. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know the Taiwanese media … they just pick up on the huge amount of rain that accompanied a typhoon in October several years ago … enormous flooding in the Taipei area …

traditionally in TAiwan October typhoons have been the most feared. They are much less common but for some reason have caused great harm

most famous was probably typhooon gloria. Gloria wasnt super strong, but it came and went away and came back and stayed and spent itself over Taiwan.

Call me Gloria.

oops seems Gloria was a september typhoon

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1963_Pacif … oon_season

but it caused hundreds of deaths.

from the usn: “C. In the extended period, ts 17w should continue to track northwestward toward northern Taiwan. Overall the models continue to remain in good agreement…”

The 7th is my wedding day. I guess as long as the typhoon blows a whole lot of hongbaos our way we won’t mind. :slight_smile:

Congratulations !!

Call me Gloria.[/quote]

haha@Tigerman . YOU COULD call yourself Gloria here in San Francisco and see where THAT gets ya? :slight_smile::slight_smile:

So - what are our chances of a Monday off?

Too early to say. If it slows down, strengthens more than forecast, or veers left, there’s a very high chance. If it behaves as forecast, there’s some chance of a Monday off. If it speeds up, weakens and/or veers right, there’s little.

Right now it’s forecast to peak as a cat 4.

Yeah! I’ll be playing a gig up the Calla Young Garden resort near Jinshan at 8pm on Saturday. Could be interesting.

I’m taking off from today thru Monday :beer: