Typhoon 2007

That time of year is approaching again, and I just checked to see if my CWB and JTWC bookmarks still work.

Surprise! There’s one out there already, Typhoon YUTU:

Are we in for a good season?

I only like to hear about typhoons if they have day-off potential.

Cool! Fire up those surfboards! :laughing:

Yutu? So the typhoons with names starting with A to X have already been through this year?

Oh, before half past one please? I’ve got a class and I’m surfing the crimson wave.

Be careful, these days you’ll likley to be fined $$$$.

agora.ex.nii.ac.jp/digital-typho … es.html.en

More please! Last year was a complete washout.

Indeed… my overseas colleagues lost their confidence in me when I was dragging about the Typhoons here.
Not one last year…

I am counting on at least 4 days off this year, and hopefully no casualties or important damage…

As far as I know, this Yutu (jade rabbit) won’t affect Taiwan at all.

Last year I was planning to go to Hualian with my friend.
But I cancelled it because the typhoon warning.
And it didnt affect Taiwan at all.

And for how long has the CWB forecast been completely wrong? Pessimists…

According to them, it has been pouring for two whole weeks.

I’m getting much more accurate weather predictions from the Google weather link on my home page… spot on for the last month.

Anyone else having trouble getting the Joint Typhoon Warning Center page to come up?


Come on now, it’s not even a typhoon and it’s nowhere near Taiwan. Drama queens :unamused:

It’s dissipating, but yesterday it was a typhoon.

And it’s not the start of the season yet. They already had a hurricane in the Atlantic too, and experts there are forecasting a bumper year:

[quote]On December 8, 2006, Klotzbach’s team issued its first extended-range forecast for the 2007 season, predicting above-average activity (14 named storms, 7 hurricanes, 3 of Category 3 or higher).

On April 3 a new forecast was issued, calling for a very active hurricane season of 17 named storms, 9 hurricanes and 5 intense hurricanes.[/quote]

I found a forecast for the US side of the Pacific, but nothing for Asia. Anybody?

we got off easy last year. I think this one is going to be bad.

OK, i believe the rain forecast today. Google and CWB both got it right for once.

Another good typhoon site is the Tropical Storm Risk indicator. Much nicer interface than the JTWC. They say about themselves:

Tropical Storm Risk (TSR) offers a leading resource for forecasting the risk from tropical storms worldwide. The venture provides information and innovative forecast products to benefit risk awareness and decision making in (re)insurance, other business sectors, government and society.


There’s a whole session in Typhoon 2006 regarding the access to JTWC. Seems to be something with our IP’s.
can not find the mirror link anymore someone posted…

There’s a whole session in Typhoon 2006 regarding the access to JTWC. Seems to be something with our IP’s.
can not find the mirror link anymore someone posted…[/quote]

Actually, I posted that, remembered it yesterday and spent the better part of an hour searching for it again because I didn’t save it.

here it is again…