Typhoon 2008

Ha ha.

[quote]Yesterday growing strength the CWB updated its status from a low-pressure tropical storm to “typhoon.” The typhoon, named “Noguri,” is currently near the Philippines following a north-west bound route.

Wu explained that despite receiving a cold and wet front from Noguri, the chances of it actually hitting the island have been calculated as “extremely unlikely.”

Recent clear skies and high temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius will begin to be overshadowed by Noguri’s peripheral clouds, which will lower temperatures. This Thursday and Friday will then see heavy rains and further temperature drops to highs of 25 to 27 degrees Celsius[/quote]

I fly to Thailand on friday. I wonder if this will affect my flight?

If it ain’t a day off then I don’t want to hear about it. Last year was pretty good for us, as i remember. Except for the day off part.

I really like to say and write “ain’t” today.

Getting tons of rain now.

I could do with a day off, 'n’awl…!

Friends in Tainan said it is raining cats and dogs. Better get ready up here.

A bit early to start with those buggers, isn’t it? Ah well, at least it’s keeping us cool, and for that I’m ever so thankful.

If we can avoid one this year like we had in fall last year up in Taipei, I’ll be happy. Dangerous howling wind/wet apartment syndrome.

So is that rain still coming to Taipei or is it over?

[quote=“Josefus”]So is that rain still coming to Taipei or is it over?[/quote]Maybe not all, but they did predict that temperatures today would drop even further, so aside from an umbrella, pack a coat or sweater “por si las moscas”.

Good question. I spoke with two people this morning who have HTC PDAs and they both checked the weather for me and it showed definite rain for hte next four days, but I checked online and they don’t have the rain starting till Sunday.

I’ve been invited to go camping (sort of) on Sat night, and really want to go, but it looks highly iffy to me.

What do you guys do at night? Sleep? It rained hard, real hard on Wednesday night/Thursday morning …

The very worst of phreaky phucking phoonery - it comes and goes on the weekend. Bucketing down here all day with no sign of a let up.


Never mind. Good drinking weather.
Did someone just mention drinking? Well, one of my former students just gave me a nice present - a case of T.B. - which I am appreciatively tucking into while I enjoy the Super 14 rugby.


That is the lamest possible trajectory. I saw that earlier on CNN and it looked like it was headed straight for us. I’m unimpressed by this “Tropical Storm FENGSHEN”. Is it too much to ask for it to stop by and park itself in Taipei for a couple of days… preferably on a Wednesday or Tuesday?

I thought Taiwanese typhoons have a work ethic and prefer to stop by on weekends? :slight_smile:

Today marks the start of my two month break from daily classes before university classes begin in September, so doesn’t matter to me what day the typhoon hits, as long as it doesn’t disrupt my flight to Hong Kong on Wednesday. Which it doesn’t seem likely to do (fingers crossed).

Damn, I’m flying on Tuesday :help: Why couldn’t it have come this week and given me a day off? There is no justice in this world.

That thing can do what ever it is pleased to, just stay off on Tuesday evening as thats when I have to catch a flight back to Austria…

looks to be making a beeline for us now…