Typhoons 2017


yah, it’s fun, and for free!


maybe in Taipei if it keeps going north and not west to Penghu/ Xiamin as forcast now, got notice in Kaoshiung no work Monday , but I think I will still go office for a few hours. Seems rain and wind is done, so bit surprised by this, but who knows if more is coming?


As of now, Kaohsiung and Pingtung work and school cancelled on Monday; same with a handful of schools in Greater Taichung.

More to come?


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They’ll update it at 2200


More is coming! There will be a lull but then the tail will start to feed directly into Kaohsiung


Tainan residents should be on alert - it’s heading your way

Kaohsiung appears to be copping it right now

Going pretty strong in Taidong as well


Things are really picking up in Taipei. Winds are as strong as last night.


All quiet in Hsinchu County. Calm. No rain.


Tainan just cancelled work and school this morning


Tainan, Kaoshiung, Pingtung: no work, no classes today.

The most unusual (ahem) announcement?

Taitung County ChangBin Township Zhangyuan Elementary School: Work as Usual but Classes Cancelled Today.




Not surprised - Tainan looks to have been pounded all night and still going

Biggest totals are in Pingdong - some places with 1000mm across the two nights - must be a mess there

Should start to recede this morning


Heavy rain all night in Tainan indeed, strong wind, but now it is fine (hopefully for good), even went out to buy some mianbao this morning, some shops are open.


My favorite thread in Forumosa - typhoon news


We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine:


Really bad shape in Pingtung and Tainan:

Video at the bottom.

Same complaint: every year, typhoon comes, everything floods…


Seems they cancelled work/class in Tainan at 6:30am…


Improving drainage in urban centers is not a sexy issue, but my goodness I hope they can sort this out in Tainan soon.



Part of the reason it floods , apart from two typhoons that is, is they have extracted so much water over the years large parts of the land have sunken many feet.

Again, try having no floods anywhere after two typhoons though!


Ahhh land subsistence. I hadn’t thought of that.

This is connected though to larger water management issues–one aspect of public policy where Taiwan really lags behind.



Isn’t the problem in smaller centers still prevalent in which annual drainage maintenance contracts are cronied off to recipients who pocket the kwan, doing little or nothing to effectively maintain the systems?


I feel for those in the south, but I wish we got more rain here. We barely got 50mm over both storms.