Typhoons 2017


I’ve seen ants and roaches do that before a big quake. If I had been in HK and seen that, I would have driven ASAP to the airport and got a ticket to Anywhere but Here.


We don’t have roaches here in the countryside, but I see ants do it all the time. It’s especially annoying that after a typhoon/heavy storm they look for a new home inside people’s houses -_-


The hell is this?!



It’s a web application that people use for wasting time at workplaces and government uses for controlling people. It’s called facefuck or something like that.


Click on the linkie, sabelotodo, and be scared out of your wits. It looks like something out of The Mist.




There’s no reason why they shouldn’t have - it was this big mass of rotating cloud stuff on the satellite image that had picked the gap perfectly between Taiwan and the Philippines and was heading straight for them

Actually, I feel kind of sorry for the storm chasers - back in the day it was mainly them that got the best footage - now it’s anyone with a cell phone who happens to be where the storm hits


Indeed, while general informatiion be out there, alas, people like to blame the government. However, if they mean that they received day off too late, and hence a lot of people were out there, going to work, carrying on as usual because they were told they could, then that is another story, me thinks. They trusted the meteorological agency. If the strenght was downplayed on the news or in the media, that is a whole different animal.

Moreover, too many people drowned in parking lots. That is awful. The water came too fast for them to go out. Where they trying to save their cars or ghoing out? We will never know.


[quote=“Icon, post:548, topic:159754”] if they they received day off too late, and hence a lot of people were out there, going to work, carrying on as usual because they were told they could, then that is another story

Sure, and perhaps complacency from previous false alarms may have had something to do with it

The usual way for a storm to end up in that area is for it to pass firstly through the Philippines which will take most of the sting out of it - so maybe they thought it was just gonna be another one like that

But still should have been someone at the weather bureau who could see that this was a different kind of beast - either they goofed - or they were ignored

There is another one possibly heading there (which is passing through PPE) - I bet they will be on their toes this time!

BTW, was that crazy twister footage from Hato?


Allegedly .

And they are both - HK and Macau - getting hit again this weekend…


Seems to be a serious hurricane set to hit Texas tomorrow - not following it closely but read it is meant to stall once it makes landfall - and that spells trouble

Similar scenario in a way - big storm striking a place that doesn’t usually get them


Looks like a mega-typhoon might be forming - remains to be seen where it will go


Looks way too far to the north to affect us.


should be headed to Japan without bothering us.


Hey! Are you guys trying to redirect this thing? For the love of [fill in the deity of your choice], please stop.



Ha! My prayers has been answered!


This year we’re being mostly spared by the God of Spinning Winds. Why has he forsaken us? Are we not worthy? Have we not proven our loyalty? Or, in his benevolence, is he just waiting the end of the Universiade to unleash the Ultimate Typhoon of Doom?

Are we going to witness a Dujuan v2.0 sometime in September?



Stupid question here… is there any typhoon coming to here, Ishigaki, or Bali the next week?


The region near HK and Macau seemed to be hit real hard by the typhoon.

Also Texas seems to be hit real hard by the hurricane.


For Taiwan and nearby islands I’d say no. “Mainland” Japan might have some annoying stuff but its very far.

I’ll not pretend to know the exact location of Bali on the map, so 8 have no idea about their destiny.


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