Typhoons 2017



WTF Ibbis WTF.


He’s still getting over the women’s volleyball team losing to Japan.

Give him time.


Probably because you keep referring to Her as “he”.


The CWB predicts 10 typhoons will be coming. Be patient … and be prepared. Higher water temps plus autuimm typhoons being especially deadly = big trouble.

A la Houston right now. Can’t get in touch with an ex. He’s got a tiny sausage dog with him. If he had to choose between shelter and not taking the dog, he stayed. But the dog is small… Hope he gets in touch soon. Glad my family left for Lousiana. Bit safer where they are…so far.


it will take me until 2024 to stop laughing


You evil, evil man. When I was in the hospital recuperating from my appendicitis, he sent me a nude to cheer me up. Check your Inbox for evidentiary support!




seriously though, I need to decide where the fuck I go in one week, for one week. I want water, but not falling from the sky.


Bali. Hawaii. Cebu. Jeju island. Maldives. Guam. Sri Lanka.


Wouldn’t there be the possibility of it falling fire from the sky in Jeju Island?


He said he didn’t want water falling, nothing about fire.


It’s so sad to see climate change is having serious impact on the people, yet the US government has no ability to recognize this, so there’s no willingness to improve their water infrastructure… What is becoming the most powerful nation on Earth…?


There is a terrible picture making the rounds. This granny in an old folks home up to her waist sitting in flood waters. It is the kind of thing that makes your stomach burn with anger and your eyes water. But it says a lot about how prepared such a large country is to reacting to natural disasters. One shivers thinking that ther eis worse to come, and that all the denial is taking valuable resources from preparations that must be taken to face those disasters.

Seems Katrina was just a canary in the mine. What they said would not happen again will happen again. Worse: FEMA says it will be there years, that means there is an incentive for this kind of thing to take this course. Disaster = big profits for big corporations and president’s pals. Plus gets rid of the poor, the old, the infirm. Bonus> land for rezoning. Win win.

My pal works as an EMT and had recently broken 3 ribs. Do not know how mobile he was. Still no word from him. Sigh.


Well, it’s not like this kind of thing is unprecented. Hurricanes, even much MUCH stronger than the current one, have been going on in the Atlantic ocean ever since the Atlantic ocean existed. It just gets more media attention because it happened to impact a large American city.

The damage caused by Katrina was due to the poor effort from the city’s administration to create safety measures and systems to protect the city, which lies in many areas below sea level, from a potential massive storm. They only created a defence for an “average” storm, and when Katrina arrived it laid waste.

I’ll not comment the “president’s pals” bit because it would be too easy to ask about previous presidents’ pals.


Well, presidents’ pals is not the right word. I mean vultures with connections that prey on those affected and abuse the system to make “business” out of someone else’s tragedy. The ones who sell defective stuff to resell, bribe to get “reconstruction” contracts and build with cheap materials, ensuring further damage. Ad nauseum. Those plague everywhere in the world, not just one president. Though examples come to mind clear as a bell.

The problem I see is that if you deny there is a problem, or put up measures that do not work under the circunstances, simply because they are obsolete, well, this kind of tragedy will happen again and again and get worse and worse. It is a good wake up call for all the world. US is now in a pickle with leadership that denies the problem exists. But those words can be quoted by others who say if the the US does not act, neither will we.

I do agree that maybe it might not be that storms are getting worse, just that there are more people on harm’s way. But still, we have to do something about it. Use technology if moving people is too expensive. But get ready cause it is coming down.

A hug to all those who help:


Seems the local Texas grocery chain, H.E.B., is doing more for disaster relief there than FEMA.


When tornados ripped through OK a few years back, the politcos in that state refused federal assistance. I wonder if TX, which prides itself on its anti-Washington stance will do the same.


Honestly, I am thinking investing in a boat is not such a bad idea.


Not much chance of Hsindian flooding, I’d say.


I bet my bottom dollar you’d want that boat AND the guy in the sunglasses.