Typhoons 2018


There should be some heavy rain in Yilan already… @IbisWtf?


windy and sunny here, no rain. clouds building up though, maybe some rain on the mountains?


Yeah, had the same thought


Hot blue skies down here.
PM2.5 at 17. Ahhhh…Breath deep…

But ultraviolet ray level at dangerous 11. Luckily slathered 30spf sunscreen for earlier walkabout. Not as high as 15 in Hualien, though.


Just spent NT$2100 at Jason’s on “supplies”. Think I might have got a little carried away. But tonight there will be plenty of beer, sausage, Campbell’s soup, chocolate, cheese, and crackers on hand.


Shit! Cheese and crackers. What was I (not) thinking?


Let me guess… cheese and crackers?


Cheese and crackers?

Cheese, baguette, and good Belgian beer sounds better.


I have some scraps of a super stinky cheese that I will use for making an awesome omelette… which won’t be the same without bread.

I need to buy bread.


Maria lost a lot of power, she’s now around 950 hpa…the disappointment is real.


Maria heard cheese, beer … OK, let’s slow down here.


Damn you guys had us all hyped up!


Feelsbadman, she became a beta cuck. Well, at least she’ll be gone soon, paving the way for some real happening.

This is still a moderate happening, but it leaves a bit of disappointment.


Let’s say it is dissapointing after it leaves.

They are tying down the guard houses here. Until we are out of teh woods, do not let your guard down. It is abouts taying safe, yeah, we all love a holiday, but dry and safe is better.


I just arrived arrived in Hualien and after a 10 minute walk I feel like I need to sleep for another 8 hours. .


UV 11? Not good for beer, it’ll spoil.


It’s better to feel disappointed right off the bat, so that any surprise will feel like a blessing from the God of Spinning Winds.

I’ve seen a Black Drongo nest on the ground, today was already a good day for me.


Black Drongo?



That’s a swallow.