Typhoons 2018


Thanos will bring balance to Taichung.
As it should be


Slight exaggeration


Taichung hardly ever gets hit by Typhoons , cos of the mountains.


Anyone know if they’ve set a time to announce for tomorrow?


Rumours say 8pm, but let’s see.


Yup pretty boring if you enjoy big storms


But that just happens when a taiphoon does the Boomerang and turns around after passing Taoyuan


My money is on this ending up a non-event.
Seems Maria is heading North and leaving Taiwan behind. We will get some rain and a bit of wind from her tail and that is about it.

We shall see.


Cwb image shows it well north… we just get residuals. You’re likely right


Still, no match for the glorious central mountain range.



Let’s see what the announcement later says, I won’t expect much


may the odds be ever in our favor.


Looks like something menacing in the sky over Hsinchu sky just now, too. About time.


On the ryuku islands some storm chasers recorded 940 how, which is not very worrisome. Considering that it’s passing north of Taiwan and is only likely to last less than 24h, I’d say no reason to panic.

The half day off in yilan was a joke, 0 rain and barely some occasional wind.


Yeah, it doesn’t seem like much is happening in Yilan. I just went out for a walk and there was only a slight bit of rain now and then. Hardly any wind to speak of.

I work at home so I don’t get the day off anyway unless the power goes out, which it usually does, but then I have to make up the hours anyway so I’m not too fussed about getting the day off.


How does one subscribe to AIT mailing list?


Apparently the yilan government will call a day off tomorrow. It’s not on the website yet, though


This is a big disappointment, really. I miss those nights of crazy wind and sounds of broken stuff on the street. The only consolation possible is to think of all those Taiwanese bosses super angry with the government for having let employees go home over nothing and even have missed a deadline or two because of this.


It’s not here yet! Deng i xia!


There’s been rain on and off all day in Neihu, Taipei. The “on” has been getting a lot harder as the day wears on, and the wind is picking up a little. I’m hoping the strong winds pass us by (looks like it should, with the eye so far north), but it looks like we’ll get a ton of rain from this thing…