Typhoons 2018


It is so quiet and calm I can hear the crickets chirping.


That will be my teeth chattering. I left the A/C
on for too long.


Hah. I can barely hear my television.


Forgot to close a window and have water inside. Balcony flooded. Have heard Windows shattering (or similar crashing noise) outside. I suppose that I can clean up before work in the morning, assuming rain subsides by then.


Unlikely. They’ve gone to bed and won’t be up until after most other people have already gone to work.


According the forecast, chances are tomorrow the weather wouldn’t be too bad and the worst is tonight.


ppl living and working in banqiao/tucheng have a nice win, as this level of wind and rain isn’t much more than a bad storm in the area, but get a day off work anyway.



Step 1. Think about work. --> done
Step 2. Write something on a piece of paper. --> done

Problem solved? Nope…


so how’s the typhoon?



Maria gave us blueballs. How fitting.




Just confirming: this is basically done, right?

Currently light wind and drizzle in Danshui. I was woken up by wind a couple of times during the night, but that’s about it.


Pretty much. This is the perfect typhoon really, not much fanfare, bit of rain, and, most importantly, a day off!


On my way to work…


Long faces on all commuters…but I got a seat.


Bosses in NTC are going to be pissed at the mayor today
Malls, restaurants, and movie theater owners have a huge smile


My boss asks me what am I doing here. Some people who live in NTC did not come to work. TBH, if this was a private enterprise, I’d be home too.


Taipei working and NTC having a day off is obviously pretty strange and causes trouble.

How can this be fixed? Have typhoon days set by central gov? Force some kind of coordination between the local govs?


I think you don’t understand the difference between private and public.


One of our directors is visiting from Japan, he takes one look at me as I walk in this morning and goes “I guess you don’t live in New Taipei City.”