Typhoons 2019?

The God of Spinning Winds has awakened early this year. There’s a small chance of a February typhoon, an appetizer for things to come.

In before:“IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE, CLIMATE CHANGE, WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE” -> it’s unusual, but it can happen, so placate your gender neutral appendices, s’il vous plait.

Still cold up here in Taiwan, so it won’t pay us a visit, but it’s nice to see our Overlord making up for the painfully quiet 2018.

Rules of life on this plane of existence :

a) Thou shall not say:"I have planned a flight on (date), is it going to be safe?
b) Thou shall not say:“It may pull a Nari…” or:“What if it turns…”
c) Thou shall not say:“I need more precise information” -> check Windity, CWB & friends

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It looks a bit like Slurm Mc Kenzie


More like


More like Leela.


I like Futurama. I hope 2019’s Typhoons will get the names of characters of the show.

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Looking cute! A bit on the tiny side, but let’s not body shame it.

Looking forward to some typhoon days off.

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Thanks for the jinx.

Wutip has been upgraded to typhoon! We did it!


Eh we need the happening gif. Or is it used only if it is going to hit Taiwan?

Typhoon nearby + coming long holiday = not a good mix.

Correct, the IT’S HAPPENING gifs shall only be used when a typhoon is bound to transform Taiwan into a barren wasteland. Or in an ironic way when it’s not going to happen. So really anytime is correct, but with power comes responsibility.


So what is the latest? Is there one inbound next day or two? Or maybe tropical storm?

Nah, it will just spin around like an r’tard in the middle of nowhere and fade into oblivion.

Not even in the consideration so far away

first cat 5 in February!

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This century.

It spared Guam but may hit Filipinas. :worried:

It may hit as a tropical storm, which is still problematic depending on the amount of rain it may carry.


Is that thing going to mess in any way with my vacations??

it depends: where will you go?