Typhoons 2020

It’s never too early (or too late) to talk about dat Typhoon and/or use that happening meme



It was very quiet in here this year.

@IbisWtf What’s your take on that?

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From the forecast models in the article, I’m with purple. It will spin back to the middle of the ocean after getting close to Pinoyland.
We’re not lucky enough to have the first storm of the year become a typhoon and come to Taiwan. Feelscursedman.
I give it a 5% chance of going through Pinoyland then turn in our direction and drop some rain from the South, but considering that this is an outlier scenario of events happening next week I can’t jump on this ship right now. It would be nice though! A bit of rain wouldn’t hurt.


Given that this will be my first full summer spent in Taiwan (I have had parts before, just not the whole June to September thing that I will 'get to enjoy" this year). am I to assume that IbisWtf is the resident Typhoon Guru?

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Hopefully you’ll be our lucky charm, I’m tired of typhoons dodging Taiwan and go to Japan!

Sort of, but I’m only in it for the devastation. During the last few years I started the official annual thread and we had very mild typhoon seasons. This year @ranlee did it, so who knows what will happen?


I don’t mind a bit of a downpour (I have lived in wetter places than Taiwan) as long as I am on higher ground, its the wind that scares me.

Models seem to be moving closer to us?


Spaghetti models? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I wonder what the lasagna models look like… :thinking:

Maybe a bit of rain, which would be ok.

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At least it’s pretty.


Just make sure your balcony drains are not clogged.

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Super pumped for the first typhoon day off work this year

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Intellectual experiment:
If there’s a Phoon Day, do people who are WAH get to take it off??? :ponder:


Yes, just make a video showing a broken window and you’re golden. It doesn’t even have to be your, there’s probably some stock footage of broken windows on Shutterstock. Show it to the Laopan and there you go with your day off!


Clearing drains is very important as I found out water coming in the living room from the balcony.
Stepping out in ankle deep water is weird.

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I remain convinced that Taiwan will have a lot of typhoons this year, because the Mazu pilgrimage parades had to be cancelled. She might not be too happy… :wink:

And the water working its way over the doorsill and into your house is even weirder!

The spinningness is pretty, already upgraded to typhoon.


Mazu is a woman?

I know it’s 2020 so there’s always the danger for:“DID YOU JUST ASSUME THAT GOD’S GENDER???”…but Mazu is the Goddess of the Sea…I think if she had a problem with that, she would have told us long ago…

Also worth noting that any Cat 5 typhoon landing directly on Taiwan this year will be caused by owleyes thinking Mazu is a dude.