Typhoons 2023

Or: release @IbisWtf ! :rofl:



It will die!

it will slow down and stall near Taiwan before heading north and weakening as it passes Okinawa. that’s my best guess, five days out.

water temps are still 28-29 all the way from Guam to southern Taiwan (that’s a country, BTW). then dropping off to 26-27 degrees from there northwards.

Did it claim independence from the rest of Taiwan? :wink:

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To early to tell. But south might get much needed rain.



I seriously doubt even that …

Taiwan is the country. Not Southern Taiwan, which might result from a Sudanese style anti Taipei uprising from Taichung southwards. But is not a country yet.

Actually, they’d need to write a new constitution then, so that would be interesting!

The Republic of Zeelandia? Sirayaland?

If anyone needs more possible names for this fictitious nation, let me know! :grin:



We don’t want them midlanders in our southern rebellion.


What kind of name is “Mawar”. I like the Philippine’s Name for the storm…just no nonsense “BETTY.” I suffered though YOLANDA in Dec 2021 (HaiYan) and sure am Hoping Betty keeps tracking north to cool off and dissipate.

Btw: this is my First post on this Forum … Spent 10 years on Taiwan back in late 80s to 90s. Love the place… currently in Cebu Philippines.



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To answer your question the name Mawar is girl’s name of Indonesian origin meaning “rose”. is from the international list, the Philippines just do their own thing.

International names

Main article: List of retired Pacific typhoon names

A tropical cyclone is named when it is judged to have 10-minute sustained windspeeds of 65 km/h (40 mph).[57] The JMA selected the names from a list of 140 names, that had been developed by the 14 members nations and territories of the ESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee.[58] Retired names, if any, will be announced by the WMO in 2024; though replacement names will be announced in 2025. The next 28 names on the naming list are listed here along with their international numeric designation, if they are used.

  • Sanvu (2301)
  • Mawar (2302) (active)
  • Guchol (unused)
  • Talim (unused)
  • Doksuri (unused)
  • Khanun (unused)
  • Lan (unused) * Saola (unused)
  • Damrey (unused)
  • Haikui (unused)
  • Kirogi (unused)
  • Yun-yeung (unused)
  • Koinu (unused)
  • Bolaven (unused) * Sanba (unused)
  • Jelawat (unused)
  • Ewiniar (unused)
  • Maliksi (unused)
  • Gaemi (unused)
  • Prapiroon (unused)
  • Maria (unused) * Son-Tinh (unused)
  • Ampil (unused)
  • Wukong (unused)
  • Jongdari (unused)
  • Shanshan (unused)
  • Yagi (unused)
  • Leepi (unused)


Main article: List of retired Philippine typhoon names

This season, PAGASA will use its own naming scheme, that will either develop within or move into their self-defined area of responsibility.[59] The names were taken from a list of names, that was last used during 2019 and are scheduled to be used again during 2027.[59] All of the names are the same except Tamaraw and Ugong, which replaced the names Tisoy and Ursula after they were retired.[59]

  • Amang
  • Betty (unused)
  • Chedeng (unused)
  • Dodong (unused)
  • Egay (unused) * Falcon (unused)
  • Goring (unused)
  • Hanna (unused)
  • Ineng (unused)
  • Jenny (unused) * Kabayan (unused)
  • Liwayway (unused)
  • Marilyn (unused)
  • Nimfa (unused)
  • Onyok (unused) * Perla (unused)
  • Quiel (unused)
  • Ramon (unused)
  • Sarah (unused)
  • Tamaraw (unused) * Ugong (unused)
  • Viring (unused)
  • Weng (unused)
  • Yoyoy (unused)
  • Zigzag (unused)

Auxiliary list

  • Abe (unused)
  • Berto (unused) * Charo (unused)
  • Dado (unused) * Estoy (unused)
  • Felion (unused) * Gening (unused)
  • Herman (unused) * Irma (unused)
  • Jaime (unused)

Lol. Auxiliary list! For when Philippines has more than 26 named typhoons in one season.

Which may well happen…



Looks like Cebu will get a pass from Mawar.

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Deflectors engaged.



There are some predictions that the whole thing will indeed implode to a tropical depression east of Taiwan, then move west straight over us.
That should bring a lot of rain without the wind … Interesting prognoses …


It looks like it will just sit off the coast for 2 to 3 days. It’s good that the reservoirs will be filled, but I just hope there won’t be too much rain…

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Might still interrupt flight schedules.

So how are things looking with Super Typhoon Mawar? Here’s one projection from the Central Weather Bureau.



It’s going to be bit damp on the East coast.