Tyson Vs Wilder II

Excited. Such a clear narrative for this fight and we know what both these fighters have to do to win

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Classic puncher versus boxer match. I’m excited too.

Is the thread title a typo? Or is @crusher predicting a Fury win?

And fwiw, I’m pretty excited about it as well.

Did anybody else come away happy that Luis Ortiz’s neck is as thick as it is? In the rematch Wilder’s straight right made Ortiz’s head move in a motion unnatural enough to have fractured the neck of most humans (imo).

Corrected the title, thanks. I can’t predict this fight. It depends if coke head Fury or Christian Fury comes to the table. I like both men as people especially Wilder and his reasons for coming into boxing. Fury’s fight back from mental illness was impressive too.

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Me either. Fury’s boxing skills are terrific, and he can punch, too. Wilder’s power is off the charts, so who knows.

Yeah, where Wilder comes from playing SEC football is the pinnacle for a young man. To have walked away from that in order to support his daughter speaks volumes about his character, imo. Not many Americans could do that.

I agree. Tremendous courage on Fury’s part, I think.

Not going to be easy to root against either fighter in my book. Should be a good one.

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Ok fight is in a few hours, any predictions now rather that after the fight?
'I am going for Tyson Fury on points"
Choose only one result :+1:

Does anyone know who holds the broadcast rights in Taiwan?

I feel like I have no insight on this fight.

Fury was a better boxer last time. Wilder takes too many punches from good boxers. Wilder has a vicious right hand but no threat in his left hand, thus one-dimensional.

On paper Wilder catches Fury in rd 7 or 8, ends in ko. On paper Fury dances all night and wins a decision. Could easily go either way.

That’s all I got. If we can judge based on the results of last fight, and it goes the distance, Fury. Else Wilder. :idunno:

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Oh come on. :woozy_face:
Put it on the line.

I’m American, and I’m rooting for Wilder all the way.

Wilder, KO in round 8.

I hope that helps. :grin:

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Carnegies and the Brass Monkey should be streaming it.

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Thanks, I mean for tv or ppv here.

The Alabama slammer. :crossed_fingers:
I know someone that just be on Fury Rd 10 KO at 50 / 1.
That is what he claims but I couldn’t find those odds.

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oddschecker has 50/1, although it might be a couple of days out of date.

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Wilder by TKO in the third.


They got it 3 to 1 just for a Fury win I think. William Hill does. They could potentially lose a lot of dough or make a killing. Interesting odds.
30 000 NTD get 90 000 NTD

That’s not bad. I was thinking Fury UD, but 3 to 1 on any win sounds tasty.

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I think they have it wrong but I guess that is because a lot of money going on the home favorite.
Tyson cut at 270 pounds. Great shape, best i have seen him

Who’s watching? THAT KNOCK DOWN THO